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  • Pulau Bintan Island cruise port

     Pulau Bintan Island

    Pulau Bintan (aka Negeri Segantang Lada) is an Indonesian island, part of the Riau Islands province. Its capital city is Tanjung Pinang (south coast). The city is an autonomous area within the Island...

  • Tokyo cruise port


    Tokyo is a large seaport and Japan's capital city (Tokyo Metropolis) located on Honshu Island's southern part (Tokyo Bay's western shore). Tokyo is also Japan's largest city with population around 14...

  • Kuwait City cruise port

     Kuwait City

    Kuwait City is Kuwait's capital and largest city with a population of over 2,4 million. The city is located on the Persian Gulf (sea) forming (via the Gulf of Oman) an extension of the Indian Ocean...

  • Singapore cruise port


    Port Singapore, along with its 2 cruise terminals, also has passenger ferry terminals and drydock facilities for marine vessel refurbishments and repairs. The port is ranked world’s 2nd biggest...

  • Sanya cruise port


    Sanya is a South China Sea port located on the southern coast of Hainan Island (China). The seaport is operated the whole year-round. The city has population around 0,7 million. This exotic Chinese...

  • Saigon cruise port


    Saigon (officially Ho Chi Minh City / abbrev HCMC) is Vietnam's capital and largest city, with population over 8,5 million (metro over 13,5 million). The metro area consists of Ho Chi Minh City metro...

  • Dubai cruise port


    Dubai cruise port is part of Port Rashid (aka Mina Rashid) operating since 1972. The seaport is named after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1912-1990). Dubai has the world's only cruise ship...

  • Halong Bay cruise port

     Halong Bay

    Halong Bay (aka Ha Long Bay) is a cruise port and popular travel destination located in Quang Ninh province (eastern Vietnam), approx 110 km (70 mi) from Hanoi. The region administratively belongs to...

  • Jeju Island cruise port

     Jeju Island

    Jeju Island (aka Jejudo, and Chejudo) is located in Korea Strait, approx 130 km (80 ml) to the south of mainland South Korea. Jeju is among the country's top island resort destinations and...

  • Da Nang cruise port

     Da Nang

    Da Nang (aka Danang) is Vietnam's 3rd largest port and among country's largest cities - following Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hai Phong. Danang cruise port is located on the coast of ...

  • Beirut cruise port


    Beirut is a Mediterranean cruise port and Lebanon's main seaport, capital and largest city with population over 1 million (metro around 2,2 million). Beirut is one of the world's oldest cities...

  • Karaikal cruise port


    Karaikal is a major cargo port and city in India, with a population of over 220,000. The town was conquered by France in 1674 and until 1954 remained part of French India (1664-1954). Karaikal...

  • Yokohama cruise port


    Yokohama is a major seaport and large city on Honshu island, ranked Japan's 2nd largest (after the capital Tokyo) with population over 3,73 million. It is located in Tokyo Bay, approx 28 km...

  • Onekotan Island cruise port

     Onekotan Island

    Onekotan Island is one of the uninhabited Kuril Islands in Sea of Okhotsk (northwest Pacific Ocean). The island covers a land area of approx 425 km2 (164 ml2). It is roughly rectangular, with...

  • Mumbai cruise port


    Mumbai (aka Bombay) is a major Indian Ocean port and capital city of India's Maharashtra state (country's most populous and world's 9th most populous). The city covers a total area of approx 603 km2...

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