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Asia Rivers Cruise Ports Schedules

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CruiseMapper currently has 2176 ports in its database, including 557 riverports
  • Phnom Penh cruise port

     Phnom Penh

    Phnom Penh is a Mekong River cruise port, capital and largest city in Cambodia, with population over 1,5 million (metro over 4,2 million). It is located in south-central Cambodia, fully surrounded by...

  • Koh Oknha Tey Island cruise port

     Koh Oknha Tey Island

    Koh Oknha Tey (aka Silk Island) is a beautiful island on Mekong River visited as a "cruise port" destination popular for the river kayaking and Tuk-Tuk excursions to the “silk islands&rdquo...

  • Chengdu cruise port


    Chengdu (aka Chengtu), is an Yangtze River cruise port (actually on Jin River) and the capital city of China's Sichuan province. The city covers a total metro area of approx 3680 km2 (1420 ...

  • Tigyaing cruise port


    Tigyaing (Htigyaing) is an Irrawaddy River cruise port and town in eastern Sagaing Division (northern Myanmar / Burma). In Tigyaing, cruise ship tourists can climb Pagoda Hill for scenic...

  • Chiang Khong cruise port

     Chiang Khong

    Chiang Khong is a Mekong River cruise port and town in Thailand's Chiang Rai Province. Since 2013, Chiang Khong is linked to Huay Xai (Laos' Bokeo Province) via a bridge. Previously, the border...

  • Pak Ou Caves cruise port

     Pak Ou Caves

    Pak Ou Caves (Tham Ting / lower, and Tham Theung / upper) are two caves overlooking the Mekong River in Laos. Inside the lower (Tham Ting) cave there are Buddha statues. The caves are located...

  • Pakokku cruise port


    Pakokku is an Irrawaddy River cruise port and city in Magway Region (Myanmar/Burma). The city is approx 30 km (20 mi) north-east of Bagan/Pagan. Pakokku Airport (PKK) is an international airport...

  • Vinh Long cruise port

     Vinh Long

    Vinh Long is a Co Chien River (Mekong Delta) cruise port and city (capital of Vietnam's Vĩnh Long Province) with land area approx 48 km2 (30 mi2) and population around 150,000. Co Chien River (a...

  • Beijing cruise port


    Beijing (fka Peking) is the capital of China and currently world's 4th largest city by population (urban over 21,45 million, metro over 24 million) - after Chongqing, Shanghai and Delhi. Beijing is...

  • Yichang cruise port


    Yichang is an Yangtze River cruise port and city in China's Hubei province, ranked Hubei's 2nd largest by population (over 4 million) after the capital Wuhan. Three Gorges Dam is located ...

  • Wuhan cruise port


    Wuhan is an Yangtze River cruise port and the capital city of Hubei province (central China), with population around 10,6 million (metro over 19 million). Wuhan is embarkation...

  • Three Gorges Dam cruise port

     Three Gorges Dam

    Three Gorges Dam is located in the middle of Xiling Gorge - the 3rd (and largest) of the Three Gorges on Yangtze River in China. Construction works started in 1994. The dam was completed (opened...

  • Suzhou cruise port


    Suzhou is a major Inland port and city in southeastern Jiangsu Province (East China), approx 100 km (62 ml) northwest of Shanghai. The city has population around 10,7 million. Suzhou is an...

  • Shibaozhai cruise port


    Shibaozhai is a hill on Yangtze River, located in Zhong County (Chongqing, China). The rocky hill features extremely steep sides and heigth around 200 m (660 ft). On the river side there is a...

  • Jingzhou cruise port


    Jingzhou is an Yangtze Rivercruise port and prefecture-level city in southern Hubei (China), with population over 1, 6 million (metro over 5,7 million). The city is covered by a thick...

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