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  • Hoi An cruise port

     Hoi An

    Hoi An (aka Faifoo) is a Thu Bon River cruise port located in the Quang Nam Province (central Vietnam). The city covers a total area of approx 60 km2 (20 ml2) and has population around 122...

  • Kyun Daw cruise port

     Kyun Daw

    Kyun Daw is a fishing village located on a small island on Irrawaddy River in Burma. Currently, Avalon Waterways is the only river cruise company visiting the village. Locals' primary...

  • Kuching cruise port


    Kuching is a Sarawak River cruise port on Borneo Island, and the capital city of Malaysia's Sarawak state, with population around 325,000. Kuching is a major food travel destination and one of Borneo...

  • Phnom Penh cruise port

     Phnom Penh

    Phnom Penh is a Mekong River cruise port, capital and largest city in Cambodia, with population over 1,5 million (metro over 4,2 million). It is located in south-central Cambodia, fully surrounded by...

  • Long Khanh Island cruise port

     Long Khanh Island

    Long Khanh Island is a Mekong River cruise travel destination part of Vietnam's Dong Thap Province (Mekong Delta). The island is located just across the river from Hong Ngu (district-level/Class-3...

  • Hong Ngu cruise port

     Hong Ngu

    Hong Ngu is a Mekong River cruise port and a district-level (Class-3) town in Vietnam's Dong Thap Province (Mekong Delta) with a population of around 40,000. Located very close (across the river) is...

  • Tonle Sap Lake cruise port

     Tonle Sap Lake

    Tonle Sap Lake (aka Boeung Tonle Sap) is a large freshwater lake in Cambodia's Siem Reap Province (Lower Mekong Basin). The lake is attached to the 120-km (75-mi) long Tonle Sap River connecting it...

  • Siem Reap cruise port

     Siem Reap

    Siem Reap is a Siem Reap River (Mekong River) cruise port and capital city of Siem Reap Province (northwestern Cambodia). The city has population around 200,000 and is popular as resort vacation...

  • Wuhan cruise port


    Wuhan is an Yangtze River cruise port and the capital city of Hubei province (central China), with population around 10,6 million (metro over 19 million). Wuhan is embarkation...

  • Hanoi cruise port


    Hanoi is a Red River (Song Hong) cruise port and Vietnam's capital city. Its population of around 7,7 million (metro 16,2 million) ranks it the country's 2nd largest city - after Ho Chi Minh City...

  • Beijing cruise port


    Beijing (fka Peking) is the capital of China and currently the world's 4th largest city by population (urban over 21,45 million, metro over 24 million) - after Chongqing, Shanghai and Delhi. Beijing...

  • Chandannagar cruise port


    Chandannagar is a Hooghly River cruise port in West Bengal, India. This is a former French colony located 35 km (22 ml) north of Kolkata. Hooghly River is a distributary of (branch flowing away...

  • Sagaing cruise port


    Sagaing City is the capital of Sagaing Region and Irrawaddy River cruise port located approx 20 km (12 mi) southwest of Mandalay. The city has a population of around 70,000 (Sagaing-Mandalay metro...

  • Koh Oknha Tey Island cruise port

     Koh Oknha Tey Island

    Koh Oknha Tey (aka Silk Island) is a beautiful island on Mekong River visited as a "cruise port" destination popular for the river kayaking and Tuk-Tuk excursions to the “silk islands&rdquo...

  • Bandel cruise port


    Bandel is a Hooghly River (Ganges River) cruise port and town in India's West Bengal state, with a population of around 10,000. The town was founded during Portuguese India (colonial period 1505-1961...

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