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  • Olden cruise port


    Olden is a port village in Stryn (Sogn og Fjordane, western Norway), located at the mouth of Oldeelva River on Nordfjord's southern coast. The village has population around 500. Olden is an...

  • Bodo cruise port


    Bodo is a municipality and town in Nordland county, Norway. It's part of the traditional Salten region and the capital of Nordland county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of...

  • Flam cruise port


    Flam is a small port village (population under 500) located in Flamsdalen, at the inner end of Aurlandsfjorden, a branch of Sognefjorden. It is situated in Aurland municipality, Sogn og Fjordane...

  • Antwerp cruise port


    Antwerp (Antwerpen) is the largest port and biggest city in Belgium, with a population of over 0,52 million (followed by Ghent). The seaport is located on Scheldt River and is one of the world's top...

  • Bremerhaven cruise port


    Bremerhaven is a major North Sea port and the cruise port to Bremen City (riverport). Bremerhaven is located on the east side of Weser River Estuary (Germany's North Sea / Baltic Sea coast...

  • The Hague cruise port

     The Hague

    The Hague (Den Haag) is a North Sea port and the capital city of South Holland province, located on Netherlands' western coast. The city has population around 660,000 (metro over 1,05 million...

  • Helsinki cruise port


    Port Helsinki is a Baltic Sea cruise port and Finland's largest cargo port. The city is country's capital (since 1812) and also Europe's northernmost capital city, located on Gulf of Finland's shores...

  • Kotka cruise port


    Kotka is a port city in Kymenlaakso region (southern Finland). Ит ис located at the mouth of Kymi River (Gulf of Finland) анд has population ароунд 53,000. Downtown is at Kotkansaari island...

  • Rotterdam cruise port


    Rotterdam cruise port is located around Wilhelmina Pier in Port Rotterdam - Europe's largest seaport. Rotterdam City is Holland's 2nd largest (following Netherlands' capital Amsterdam) with...

  • Helsingor cruise port


    Helsingor (Elsinore) is a port city located in eastern Denmark, with population around 60,000. This is also the closest Danish port to Sweden - approx 4 km (2 mi) from Helsingborg. Town's name is...

  • Stralsund cruise port


    Stralsund is a Baltic Sea port and Hanseatic town in Germany's Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state (Western Pomerania region), with population around 60,000. The port is located on the southern coast of...

  • Skagen cruise port


    Skagen is Denmark's northernmost port town (aka The Scaw), located on the east coast of Skagen Odde peninsula. Port Skagen is located approx 41 km (25 ml) north of Frederikshavn and approx 108 km (67...

  • Corfu Island cruise port

     Corfu Island

    Corfu (Kerkyra) is a port town on Corfu island in Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). The cruise port has a major influence on the island’s economy. The port is often included in Adriatic Sea...

  • Goteborg cruise port


    Goteborg (aka Gothenburg) is a major port city in Sweden (country's 2nd-largest, after the capital Stockholm) located at the mouth of Gota Alv River (Sweden's west coast)By population (around 550,000...

  • Bergen cruise port


    Bergen Havn is Norway's second-biggest port city (after country's capital Oslo). However, by shipping traffic, Port Bergen is ranked Norway's largest cruise port and gateway to the Norwegian Fjords...

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