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  • Hamburg cruise port


    Port Hamburg (Hamburger Hafen) is Germany's largest seaport and one of world's largest cruise ports, currently ranked Europe's 2nd-largest (after Rotterdam Holland) and world's 15th-busiest. It is...

  • Olden cruise port


    Olden is a port village in Stryn (Sogn og Fjordane, western Norway), located at the mouth of Oldeelva River on Nordfjord's southern coast. The village has population around 500. Olden is an...

  • Corfu Island cruise port

     Corfu Island

    Corfu (Kerkyra) is a port town on Corfu island in Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). The cruise port has a major influence on the island’s economy. The port is often included in Adriatic Sea...

  • Aalborg cruise port


    Aalborg is a North Sea port city in Denmark, located on Jutland Peninsula's north-eastern coast. By population (around 112,000) it is ranked country's 4th largest - after Copenhagen, Aarhus...

  • Goteborg cruise port


    Goteborg (aka Gothenburg) is a major port city in Sweden (country's 2nd-largest, after the capital Stockholm) located at the mouth of Gota Alv River (Sweden's west coast)By population (around 550,000...

  • Copenhagen cruise port


    Copenhagen Malmo Port (abbrev CMP) is a major turnaround cruise port in Northern Europe and among the most popular departure ports for Baltic Sea itineraries. Among those are the round-trips to...

  • Stavanger cruise port


    Stavanger is a port city in Rogaland, southwestern Norway,. The city has population around 130,000 (metro 320,000), ranking it the country's 3rd-largest metro area and Norway's 4th most populous...

  • Ventspils cruise port


    Ventspils is a Baltic Sea port (on Venta River) and city in northwestern Latvia. By population (around 40,000) it is ranked country's 6th largest. The port is ice-free during winter. The town...

  • Liepaja cruise port


    Liepaja is a Baltic Sea port and city in western Latvia, which by population (around 70,000) is ranked country's 3rd largest - following Riga (capital) and Daugavpils. STENA LINE operates...

  • Kiel Canal cruise port

     Kiel Canal

    Kiel Canal (aka Nord-Ostsee Kanal) is an artificial waterway located in northwestern Germany. It links North Sea with Baltic Sea and extends northeast from Brunsbuttel (near Elbe River's mouth) to...

  • Bergen cruise port


    Bergen Havn is Norway's second-biggest port city (after country's capital Oslo). However, by shipping traffic, Port Bergen is ranked Norway's largest cruise port and gateway to the Norwegian Fjords...

  • Alesund cruise port


    Alesund is a major cruise port and one of Norway's most picturesque fishing towns. It is located at the mouth of Stor Fjord and is actually on two islands connected by bridges. Cruise ships dock...

  • Nordfjordeid cruise port


    Nordfjordeid is a cruise port and village in western Norway (Eid in Sogn og Fjordane county, Eid municipality) with a population of around 3,000. The port is located at Eidsfjorden's end (fjord part...

  • Amsterdam cruise port


    Amsterdam is Netherlands' capital and a major North Sea port (via IJmuiden), as well as Amstel (Rhine) river cruise port. Port's cruise schedule includes mainly ships with roundtrip UK and Baltic Sea...

  • Hjorundfjord cruise port


    Hjorundfjord (Orsta) was a municipality in Norway's More og Romsdal county (between 1838-1964) covering total area 277 km2 (107 mi2). The Hjorundfjord municipality's administrative center was Saebo...

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