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  • Nuuk cruise port


    Nuuk is Greenland's capital city and largest port located on the country's southwestern coast. Nuuk is also the homeport (ferry port) for Arctic Umiaq Line (freight and passenger shipping company...

  • Kangerlussuaq cruise port


    Kangerlussuaq (aka Sondre Stromfjord) is an airbase, an international airport and a port village (population around 500) located in central-western Greenland (Qeqqata municipality). The port is...

  • Upernavik cruise port


    Upernavik is a port town in Qaasuitsup (northwest Greenland), located on the small-sized Upernavik Island. The town has population around 1,200, ranking it Greenland's 12th...

  • Warming Island cruise port

     Warming Island

    "Uunartoq Hot Springs" is an island destination in southern Greenland, and country's only one where the spring is used as swimming pool, and during whole-year round. Uunartoq is an...

  • Skjoldungen Island cruise port

     Skjoldungen Island

    Skjoldungen is a large uninhabited island in southeastern Greenland, located in King Frederick VI Coast. The island covers a total area of approx 450 km2 (174 mi2). Skjoldungen Island was named by...

  • Surtsey Island cruise port

     Surtsey Island

    Surtsey Island is a volcanic isle in Vestmannaeyjar archipelago (off Iceland's southern coast). Surtsey is Iceland's southernmost point. It was formed in 1963-1967 by an eruption which started 130 m...

  • Vigur Island cruise port

     Vigur Island

    Vigur Island is a small isle with length 2 km (1,2 ml) and width 400 m (1310 ft). This is a green oasis in the waters of Isafjardardjup fjord, and home of a family of ship farmers. The island is...

  • Herm Island cruise port

     Herm Island

    Herm Island is one of the UK's Channel Islands but administratively is part St Peter Port (Bailiwick of Guernsey). The island is in the English Channel, located northwest of France and south of...

  • Hrisey Island cruise port

     Hrisey Island

    Hrisey Island is located in Eyjafjordur fjord (off Iceland's northern coast) and approx 35 km (22 mi) north of Akureyri. The island covers an area of approx 8 km2 (3 mi2). In 2004, it became part of...

  • Patreksfjordur cruise port


    Patreksfjordur is a small port town in northwestern Iceland (on Westfjords peninsula) with a population of around 700. Like most settlements in the region, Patreksfjordur's economy is based mainly on...

  • Torshavn cruise port


    Torshavn is the largest seaport and capital city of Faroe Islands (autonomous territory of Denmark). The city is located on Streymoy Island's eastern coast and has population around 13,000. Faroe...

  • Reykjavik cruise port


    Reykjavik is Iceland's main seaport, also the country's capital city and centre of cod-fishing industry. The city has population around 124,000. In 874 the Vikings established the first...

  • Heimaey Island cruise port

     Heimaey Island

    Heimaey Island is the largest in Iceland's Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, as well as the most populated island off mainland Iceland. The isle covers a total area of approx 13 km2 (5 ml2) and has...

  • Guernsey Island cruise port

     Guernsey Island

    Guernsey Island (officially "Bailiwick of Guernsey") is one of the UK (British Crown) dependencies - together with Isle of Man and Jersey Island. As such, Guernsey is independently...

  • Akureyri cruise port


    Akureyri is a major cruise port and one of Iceland's oldest towns, located approx 240 km (150 mi) northeast of the country's capital city Reykjavik. Akureyri features picturesque historic houses...

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