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Iceland - Greenland - Faroe Islands Cruise Ports Schedules

Iceland - Greenland - Faroe Islands Schedules, terminals, wiki, news, live port maps

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  • Seydisfjordur cruise port


    Seydisfjordur is a port town in Iceland's Eastern Region, located at the innermost point of the same-named fjord. Town's population is around under 1,000. A road over Seydisfjordur mountain pass...

  • Ittoqqortoormiit cruise port


    Ittoqqortoormiut (aka Illoqqortoormiut, fka Scoresbysund) is the only permanent settlement in Scoresby Sound (large fjord system) on Greenland's eastern coast. The small town has population...

  • Reykjavik cruise port


    Reykjavik is Iceland's main seaport, also the country's capital city and centre of cod-fishing industry. The city has population around 124,000. In 874 the Vikings established the first...

  • Aappilattoq cruise port


    Aappilattoq is a port village in Kujalleq municipality (Southern Greenland) with population around 200. Aappilattoq is located east of Nanortalik, approx 50 km (31 mi) north of Greenland's...

  • Patreksfjordur cruise port


    Patreksfjordur is a small port town in northwestern Iceland (on Westfjords peninsula) with population around 700. Like most settlements in the region, Patreksfjordur's economy is based mainly on...

  • Isafjordur cruise port


    Isafjordur is a port town on Iceland's rugged Westfjords Peninsula. The port is on Isafardjup - one of Iceland's most deeply-indented fjords. Isafardjup is home to many inlets and isles teeming...

  • Flateyri cruise port


    Flateyri is a small port town located in Westfjords, Iceland. It has population around 200, ranking it Onundarfjordur's largest settlement. Flateyri port has been an important trading post since...

  • Isle of Man cruise port

     Isle of Man

    Isle of Man (aka Mann) is one of the UK (British Crown) dependencies - together with the Channle Islands Guernsey and Jersey. As such, Jersey is independently administered and is not part...

  • Runavik cruise port


    Runavík is a port town on Eysturoy Island (Faroe Islands), with population around 4,000. The setlement was founded in 1916 as fishing port serving mainly small boats. Today, the...

  • Torshavn cruise port


    Torshavn is the largest seaport and capital city of Faroe Islands (autonomous territory of Denmark). The city is located on Streymoy Island's eastern coast and has population around 13,000. Faroe...

  • Klaksvik cruise port


    Klaksvík is Faroe Islands second largest port town (after Torshavn), with population over 5,000. It is located on Bordoy Island. Since 2006, Bordoy is connected with Eysturoy...

  • Paamiut cruise port


    Paamiut (aka Frederikshab) is a port town in Sermersooq (southwestern Greenland), on Labrador Sea's coast. The town has population around 1500, ranking it Greenland's 8th-largest. Paamiut is a ferry...

  • Narsarsuaq cruise port


    Narsarsuaq is a port town in Kujalleq (southern Greenland), with population under 200. Tourism industry is thriving, with attractions including airfield museum, gemstones, wildlife and boat tours...

  • Narsaq cruise port


    Narsaq (Narssaq) is a port town in Kujalleq (southern Greenland) with population around 1,500. The harbour has steep depth, allowing the port to handle larger ships. The facility is managed by Royal...

  • Nanortalik cruise port


    Nanortalik is a port town on Nanortalik Island (Kujalleq, southern Greenland), with population around 1,300 (ranking it country's 10th largest). Nanortalik Island is close to the mouth of Tasermiut...

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