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Mediterranean - Black Sea Cruise Ports Schedules

Mediterranean - Black Sea Schedules, terminals, wiki, news, live port maps

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  • Ashdod cruise port


    The ancient port of Ashdod is actually the port to Tel Aviv, located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. it is situated between Ashkelon to the south (20 km/12 miles away) and Tel Aviv to the north...

  • Kotor cruise port


    Kotor is an Adriatic port town in Montenegro, located in Bay of Kotor (aka Boka) and with population around 15,000. The port is surrounded by fortifications created during Venetian period...

  • Koper cruise port


    Koper is an Adriatic port town in southwestern Slovenia, with total area approx 13 km2 (5 ml2) and population around 25,000. The other Slovenian port towns located along country's 47-km (29-ml...

  • Reggio Calabria cruise port

     Reggio Calabria

    Reggio Calabria is a major seaport and the largest city in Calabria region (Southern Italy), with population over 200,000 (metro over 260,000). Reggio is separated from Sicily Island by...

  • Chios Island cruise port

     Chios Island

    Chios Island is located in in Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean) and ranked 5th largest in Greece, with land area approx 843 km2 (325 mi2) and population around 53,000. The island is approx 7 km (4...

  • Mykonos Island cruise port

     Mykonos Island

    Mykonos Island is one of Cyclades Islands (Greece, Aegean Sea), located in archipelago's center. The Cyclades form a circle surrounding the sacred Delos Island. Group's larges island is...

  • Amalfi cruise port


    Amalfi is a city and comune in the province of Salerno, Campania region, Italy, on the Gulf of Salerno. It is situated at the mouth of a deep ravine, at the Monte Cerreto's foot (1,315 m, 4,314 ft...

  • Nisyros Island cruise port

     Nisyros Island

    Nisyros Island is located in Aegean Sea and part of Dodecanese island group (Greece). The island covers a total area of approx 42 km2 (16 ml2) and has population around 1,000. The...

  • Syros Island cruise port

     Syros Island

    Syros Island is part of Cyclades Islands (Greece), located in Aegean Sea and southwest of Athens (mainland Greece). Island's port Ermoupolis became a major port in the 19th century. Ermoupolis is...

  • Valletta cruise port


    Valletta is the main port and capital city of Malta (island country in Mediterranean Sea, southern Europe). Malta Island is located midway between North Africa and Sicily Island (Italy). Since...

  • Antalya cruise port


    Once prized by pirates for its superb location on Turkey's southern coast, the sheltered harbour of Antalya is naturally tucked into the cliff-face and protected by almost entire Byzantine...

  • Antibes cruise port


    Antibes is a popular tourist resort and a port, with an excellent climate, luxury hotels, and sandy Mediterranean beaches. Formerly Antipolis, a trading post established by Greeks in 340 BC, the city...

  • Cadiz cruise port


    Cadiz is the seaport / cruise port to Seville / Sevilla - the capital and biggest city of Andalusia (autonomous territory in Spain). The city of Seville is on River Guadalquivir and has...

  • Santorini Island cruise port

     Santorini Island

    Santorini Island (Greece) is among the most popular ports of call on cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean. The island is in Aegan Sea, and is the southernmost of Cycladic Islands. Santorini is also...

  • Palma de Mallorca cruise port

     Palma de Mallorca

    Port Palma de Mallorca is located on Majorca Island's southeastern coast (Western Mediterranean Sea). Currently, it is among the busiest homeports (departure ports) for cruise ships due to its...

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