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  • Wolin cruise port


    Wolin (Wollin) is a Baltic Sea cruise port and town on Wolin Island (Poland) with a population of around 5,000. The town is separated from Usedom Island (Germany) by Swina Strait and from mainland...

  • Porto Levante cruise port

     Porto Levante

    Porto Levante is an Adriatic port serving as seaport for Porto Viro. It is located in Rovigo province (Veneto region, northeast Italy), approx 40 km (25 ml) south of Venice and 354 km (220 ml) north...

  • Venice Islands cruise port

     Venice Islands

    The Venice Lagoon is an enclosed bay of Adriatic Sea, located in northern Italy, in which Venice city is situated. Its name in the Venetian and Italian languages, Laguna Veneta (which is cognate of...

  • Cuxhaven cruise port


    Cuxhaven is a port town located on northernmost tip of Germany's Lower Saxony state. The port is on the North Sea, and at the mouth of Elbe River. The town covers a total area of 162 km2 (63 mi2) and...

  • Hoorn cruise port


    Hoorn is a port town located in the North Holland province of The Netherlands. The town covers a total area of approx 53 km2 (21 ml2) and has population around 72,000. Hoorn is located...

  • Rendsburg cruise port


    Rendsburg is an Eider River (Elbe River) cruise port and town on Kiel Canal (linking to the North Sea / Baltic Sea) in Germany's Schleswig-Holstein State (Kreis district) with a population of around...

  • Keukenhof Gardens cruise port

     Keukenhof Gardens

    Holland's Keukenhof Gardens (aka "Kitchen Garden") is one of the world's largest flower gardens. The garden park is located in Lisse (Netherlands) and covers a total area of 32 hectares (79 acres / 0...

  • Enkhuizen cruise port


    Enkhuizen is a river cruise port in Holland (West-Frisia, The Netherlands). The town has population around 19,000. The same-named municipality consists of Oosterdijk, Westeinde and Enkhuizen. ...

  • Edam-Volendam cruise port


    Volendam is a river cruise port and town in Edam-Volendam municipality (North Holland, Netherlands), with population around 22,000. There is a regular connection (via ferries) between Volendam...

  • Kampen cruise port


    Kampen is a IJssel (Rhine) River cruise port and city in Overijssel province (Holland), with population around 55,000. The city has of Holland's best preserved Old Town areas, which...

  • Lemmer cruise port


    De Lemmer is an IJsselmeer cruise port and resort town in Netherlands' Friesland province (De Fryske Marren municipality / fka Lemsterland) with population around 10,000. IJsselmeer is an inland bay...

  • Stavoren cruise port


    Stavoren (aka Starum) is an IJsselmeer (Lake IJssel) cruise port and town in the Netherlands' Friesland (Frisia province) with a population of around 1,000. A regularly scheduled passenger ferry...

  • Medemblik cruise port


    Medemblik is an IJsselmeer (IJssel River / Rhine River) cruise port and town in North Holland (West-Frisia, Netherlands) with a population of around 45,000. Often attacked by pirates, the trading...

  • Lelystad cruise port


    Lelystad is an IJsselmeer cruise port, town, municipality and the capital of Flevoland province (central Netherlands). The town was founded in 1967, being built on reclaimed from the sea...

  • Haarlem cruise port


    Haarlem is a Spaarne River cruise port in Holland (The Netherlands). The city is the capital of North Holland and is located at the northern tip of Randstad - one of Europe's most populated...

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