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  • Pulau Weh Island cruise port

     Pulau Weh Island

    Pulau Weh Island (aka Sabang) is an active volcanic island in Andaman Sea. It is located to the northwest of Sumatra (mainland Indonesia), approx 45 min by fast ship (2 hours via ferries from...

  • Pulau Bangka Island cruise port

     Pulau Bangka Island

    Pulau Bangka Island (aka Banka Island) is located east of Sumatra (mainland Indonesia). The island covers a total area of approx 11,694 km2 (4,515 mi2) and has population around 1 million. Bangka...

  • Karimunjawa Islands cruise port

     Karimunjawa Islands

    Kepulauan Karimunjawa Islands (aka Crimon Java Islands) is an archipelago of 27 islands in Java Sea, Indonesia, approx 80 km (50 ml) northwest of Jepara. The islands cover a total area of...

  • Pulau Selaru Island cruise port

     Pulau Selaru Island

    Pulau Selaru Island is one of Tanimbar Islands group in Southeast Maluku (Indonesia). The island is located south of Yamdena (Tanimbar Islands' largest) and is one of the 92 officially listed...

  • Shanghai cruise port


    Shanghai is a major cruise port (mainly turnaround port) for roundtrip itineraries from China to Japan and South Korea. Shanghai is also a departure point for Yangtze River cruises leaving from Wuhan...

  • Alang Ship Breaking Yard cruise port

     Alang Ship Breaking Yard

    Alang is a small town in India's Gujarat State (Saurashtra Region, Bhavnagar District) with population around 20,000. Since the early-1990s, Alang is worldwide known for the location of its...

  • Yokkaichi cruise port


    Yokkaichi is a port city in Japan's Mie Prefecture (Kansai region, south-eastern Honshu Island), with a population of around 310,000. After 1868 (Meiji Revolution), the town became Mie Prefecture's...

  • Sakata cruise port


    Sakata is a port city in Japan's Yamagata Prefecture (northwestern location on Honshu island), with a population of around 105,000. The current-day city was founded in 1933. In October 1976, the city...

  • Ishinomaki cruise port


    Ishinomaki is a port city in Japan's Miyagi Prefecture (Tohoku region, northern Honshu Island), with a population of around 150,000. The city is located in Miyagi's northeastern part and borders...

  • Ningbo-Zhoushan cruise port


    Ningbo-Zhoushan is a large, deep-water port and city in Zhejiang Province (eastern China). Zhoushan is also a Prefecture and archipelago. The city proper (Dinghai District) is on Zhoushan...

  • Subic Bay Freeport cruise port

     Subic Bay Freeport

    Port Subic Bay is a natural harbour port located within Subic Bay Freeport Zone (a former US Naval Base) in the Philippines' Zambales Province (Central Luzon Island). Subic Bay is in the South China...

  • Sokcho cruise port


    Sokcho is a major port city in South Korea's Gangwon-do province, with a population of around 90,000. The seaport is located on the Sea of Japan and in the province's far northeastern corner. Due to...

  • Karaikal cruise port


    Karaikal is a major cargo port and city in India, with a population of over 220,000. The town was conquered by France in 1674 and until 1954 remained part of French India (1664-1954). Karaikal...

  • Aburatsu cruise port


    Aburatsu is a small port town and natural harbour seaport serving Nichinan City in Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture (Kyushu Island). In 1952, the port was designated Special Major Port. In 1955...

  • Macleod Island cruise port

     Macleod Island

    Macleod Island (Burma) is a private island famous for the "Myanmar Andaman Resort". The island is located in the Mergui Archipelago. The private island resort is one of only 2 such resorts among the...

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