Pulau Kabaena Island (Indonesia)

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-5.26252 S, 121.94731 E

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Pulau Kabaena Island is located off the coast of Sulawesi, in Flores Sea, Indonesia. The island covers a total area of approx 873 km2 (337 ml2) and has a population of around 26,540 people (2010 census).

  • Pulau Kabaena Island is a part of Bombana Regency which lies within Southeast Sulawesi province. The area is not densely populated with 25 people per square kilometer. The nearest town bigger than 50,000 inhabitants takes around 5:49 hour by local transport. 
  • An estimated 2,65% of the kids below five years old on Kabaena Island are underweight. 
  • Pulau Kabaena can feature very strong earthquakes (on average one per 50 years), with occurances at 6-7 Richter. Whenever a strong earthquake occurs, furniture and glass is broken. The damage is negligible in buildings of good construction but considerable damage is inflicted on badly designed or poorly built structures. There is high occurence of extreme drought periods. 
  • December is the warmest month with an average temperature at noon of 30 °C. August is the coldest with an average temperature at night of 18.5 °C. Pulau Kabaena features no distinct temperature seasons, and the temperature during the year is relatively constant. The temperatures don't differ much between the day and night and September is the month with the most of sunshine. Pulau Kabaena Island's wet season has rainfall peak in May, while the dry season is in September. 
  • Kabaena is easily accessed from Jakarta by airplane via Jakarta-Makassar-Kendari routes for over 4 hours. The trip can be continued by land transportation from Kendari to Kasipute for 3 hours and then by a speedboat to Sikeli, West Kabaena for 2 and a half hour or to Talaga, Southeast Kabaena for 3 hours. Kabaena has a restaurant and lodging facility.
  • Many tourism attractions are worth visiting in Kabaena. Travellers should visit Batu Buri cave in Central Kabena sub-district, Lengora village. The cave has become the major attraction in Kabaena and presents exciting stalactite and stalagmite. Besides the cave, tourists can visit village of Tangkeno, located on the slope of Mt. Sabampolulo, above 1,500 m (4,921 ft) above the sea level. Many people call it “negeri di Awan” ("land on the sky"). In Tangkeno, there is a historical relic - defense fortress consisting of rocks, and 180 m (590 ft) high waterfall. To reach the village, visitors can use land transportation out of Sikeli for around 1 hour.

Pulau Kabaena Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Pulau Kabaena Island dock (anchor) at Sikeli on the western shore.

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