Talan Island (Russia)

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Talan Island cruise port


59.32173 N, 149.08402 E

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Talan is a small round island, located 11 km (6,8 ml) to the north of Spafaryev Islands' northern tip. Talan Island is 2 km (1,2 ml) across.

  • The Spafaryev Islands (aka Spafaryev Island, Ostrov Spafar’yeva), is a relatively large double island, located in Sea of Okhotsk. It lies 7 km (4,35 ml) east of Antamlan Peninsula (also popular as Khmitevsky), which is the southernmost peninsula that encloses Taui Bay (Tauyskaya Guba) from its western side.
  • Administratively the islands belong to Magadan Oblast, Russian Federation.
  • Spafaryev Islands were named to honour Major General knight Leontiy Spafaryev (1765–1847) of Imperial Russian Navy. He was Director of Russian Lighthouse Administration as well as cartographer of Russian Admiralty.
  • Between 1853-1861 Spafaryev were frequently visited by American whaleships hunting for bowhead whales. Spafaryev Island was called Fog Island, while Talan Island was called Green Island. Boats were sent ashore to search for whales.
  • Spafaryev Islands are composed of a couple of islands joined via a narrow landspit, that is less than 750 m (2,460 ft) wide.
  • The northern "island", Ostrov Ryabokon (Ryabokon Island), is roughly triangular. It is the larger one, being 9 km (5,6 ml) long and having a maximum width of 5 km (3,1 ml).
  • Spafaryev Island proper lies at the southern end and is roughly shovel-shaped. It is 7 km (4,3 ml) long and features a maximum width of 4,5 km (2,8 ml).
  • Large colonies of seabirds nest on Talan Island in the spring and summer months, including more than a million crested auklet, several hundred thousand horned and tufted puffin, tens of thousands black-legged kittiwake, as well as thousands of ancient murrelet and parakeet auklet. Common murre nest here and during the summer dovekie congregate on Talan. Steller's sea eagle prey on the seabirds.

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