Carnival Cheers Program

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Carnival Cheers program is the new flat-rate priced All-You-Can-Drink beverage package of Carnival Cruise Lines (alcohol & soda included). You will also find the list of all Carnival "Cheers ships" on which the all-inclusive alcohol package has been implemented so far.

The Carnival Cheers beverage package relates to alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages bar program under the name "Cheers" (previously known as "My Awesome Bar Program", Carnival Cruise Lines changed the name in 2012).

See here the newest Cheers program rates, which are currently based on the length of your cruise. And also check our Carnival all-you-can-drink package review with samples - to find out is it really worth it to buy the Carnival Cheers beverage package.

Cheers program price

IMPORTANT Last UPDATE: In February 2016 Carnival Cruise Line enhanced its CHEERS! all-inclusive beverage program and now it includes more non-alcoholic beverages and a wider range of high quality brand spirits and wines by the glass. 

CHEERS! beverage program allows guests to enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by paying a flat daily rate. Passengers must be 21 or older to buy CHEERS! and everyone in the same stateroom must purchase the program.

Carnival Cheers Program - CruiseMapper

Now available within CHEERS! program are the following beverages:

  • All spirits, including cognacs, whiskies, cocktails, and other spirits, as well as wine by the glass and beer, which cost less than $50 per serving  (only drinks that cost less than $10 per serving were previously included in the program).
  • Sodas (including specialty sodas offered at Havana Bar onboard Carnival Sunshine and new Carnival Vista, set to debut in May)
  • RockStar energy drinks; Zero-proof frozen cocktails
  • Specialty teas and coffees served in the coffee bars, main dining rooms and specialty restaurants
  • 500ml bottles of water served in Carnival's bars and lounges
  • Vitamin Water; Coconut Water; Powerade; Honest Tea
  • Large format (1 and 1.5-liter) bottles of water in the specialty restaurants and  main dining rooms
  • 25% discount off the menu price for any wine by the glass, spirit or cocktail costing over $50 per serving
  • 25% discount off the menu price for champagne and wine by the bottle and larger format water bottles bought outside the specialty restaurants and main dining rooms
  • 25% discount off the menu price for beverage classes and seminars.

Until the end of 2017 the cost for Carnival guests who buy the CHEERS! program via line’s web site prior to their voyage was US$49.95 per person per day plus tips; the cost for the program when purchased once onboard was US$54.95 per person per day plus gratuities. However, in the end of November 2017, Carnival announced that as of January 1, 2018 the new price of its Cheers all-inclusive beverage program is US$51.95  per person per day plus tips. If purchased onboard the ship, the new price is US$56.95 (plus 15% gratuity).

According to Carnival, the “enhanced” Cheers program included greater variety of non-alcoholic beverages (now including juices and milkshakes), as well as more brand-name spirits and wines by the glass.

Below you can read an unique survey dedicated to the Carnival's "all you can drink" package as history, policy and price changes, customer reviews, etc.

"Cheers Program" an all-inclusive alcohol included) drink package deal in the form of a pass-card at the cost of US $43-$63 per passenger per day (prices inclusive of 15% gratuity). Without gratuities, the Carnival all-you-can-drink card price is US $37.50-$55.00, but most importantly - it includes "almost unlimited" number of alcoholic drinks (up to 15 per day, actually) and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (frozen, soda, juices, milkshakes) plus wine by the glass. To add some spice to the Carnival vs Royal Caribbean battle, check here what the new Royal Caribbean all-you-can-drink package has to offer.

In late of June CCL changed considerably all of their Bon Voyage alcohol prices in The Fun Shops - and not for the better. Some items have gone up 25%, most are "merely" 10% "adjusted". But all are up for sure! For more and exact numbers - follow the above link.

"All You Can Drink" ships - Cheers program ships

  • In May 19, 2013, the "Cheers" Bar program pricing was changed on some ships. There were also some changes in the Carnival's policy - the "Cheers" package was a "no deal" on the Caribbean private islands (Half Moon Cay, or CocoCay/Little Stirrup Cay of Royal Caribbean).
  • As of June 2013, all ships (excl. Legend and Sunshine) offered the Cheers package at its "expensive" price - $57.45 pp pd, gratuities included.
  • On September 19, 2013, Carnival changed its "Cheers program" policy and allowed guests to purchase unlimited sodas while on Half Moon Cay. Carnival Cheers alcohol on HMC is still no deal.
  • With the Carnival cruise ships Legend and Sunshine return from Europe, the Cheers program price was ~$58 pp pd on all the Cheers ships listed in the above table.

  • Currently the "all-you-can-drink-alcohol" package is not available on Carnival Legend and Carnival Spirit (sailing from Australia); on 2-day cruises; on charter cruises; on the ports of call Little Stirrup Cay and Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas (only on board the ship while anchored in these tender ports).

Cheers program price changes (new dynamic pricing)

IMPORTANT: I remind you once again, that current price of the Carnival CHEERS! package is US $49,95 per person/per day. With 15% tipping included, the price becomes US $57,45 PP pd. Remember, pricing now is not dependent on vessel or the length of your Fun Ship cruise).

The following table shows the "dynamic cheers" pricing that was introduced fleetwide on sailings between August and October 2014. This is NOT the case now. Back then, the effective prices of the "Cheers" beverage package were based on the cruise length, and the pricing went as follows:

Cruise LengthPrice per dayPrice per day +15% gratuityCheers cost total (gratuity included)Savings over previous Cheers package cost
3 days$55$63$190$52
4 days$45$52$207$23
5 days$42.5$49$244$43
6 days$42.5$49$293$51
7 days$37.5$43$302$100
8 days$37.5$43$345$115.

Cheers program details

  • The card must be purchased on the embarkation or the next day. According to the Carnival Cruise Lines alcohol policy, passengers must be 21 years of age or older to order/receive alcoholic drinks on board their ships (including the all-inclusive alcohol package). The places where guests can sign up for it are at the ship's atrium (Lobby Bar) and the casino bar, and also at the main swimming pool bar.
  • Which beverages qualify for inclusion in the program? - All beers, wines (by the glass), non-alcoholic frozen drinks, juices, milkshakes, and yes - sodas are also for free here. There's a 15 drink limit per day (alcoholic beverages, per 24 hrs period - 6am to 6am).
  • Your drink must have a bar menu price of max US $10 $50. For drinks which cost more than $10 $50 - a 25% discount is offered (including on wine/champagne sales by the bottle).
  • You guys should know when enough is enough, but know that (in a day) after your 15th drink is being served, a bar manager (the Carnival staff) will decide whether to continue to serve you or not. Safe drinking (on cruise ships too) is important, so drink responsibly. Recently, Carnival defended itself against Cheers guests complains and pretty real charges by the International Cruise Victims Association about the 15-drink limit by saying, quote: "If a bartender determines someone is too drunk to continue drinking before the 15 drinks are reached, they will be cut off from the program for the rest of the cruise and will be refunded the balance of the package". Always fun on Carnival ships, right?

Purchasing Carnival Cheers on departures from Texas

If you're booked on a 7-day Carnival cruise leaving from port in Texas (Galveston of Houston), when can you buy the Cheers package and how many days they charge you for?

The Texas regulations for selling alcohol are different than those in other states. They forbid cruise lines to sell alcohol while the vessels are in Texas waters. Carnival ships usually return to Texas ports at ~8 am on day 7. Does Carnival charge you for that day too?

On Carnival cruises leaving out of Texas, you have to buy the Cheers drink package on the first day at sea. Count the number of cruise ship nights and subtract 1 night. For a regular 7-night itinerary, you will pay for 6 "cheers days".

Cheers beverage program - inclusions and restrictions

  • It is mandatory the "Cheers Program" to be purchased from each adult assigned to the same cabin (everyone over the age of 21 in your cabin). The program is non-refundable. You'll be charged the number of nights (a 7-day sailing is "8 calendar days/ 7 nights" so you're charged 7 nights). Remember - the "Cheers" program can be purchased the 1st or 2nd day only.
  • Since Galveston laws don't allow the Cheers program, on a 7-day cruise out of Galveston TX Carnival will charge you for 6 days. You can not do it until the next day when the ship is in international waters, and you'll pay a total of US$592 per cabin (2 adults).
  • You can't buy multiple drinks at once - permitted is only 1 drink to be ordered at a time,  and there's a 15 minutes in between limit.
  • Additional cost - when the ship sails in US waters (also docked in US port), state and local taxes will be applied. You'll be taxed per drink, so add $0.50 to each drink.
  • Carnival Lines reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • The "Cheers" program is not available on cruise charters.
  • The "Cheers Program" does not include room-service drinks and drinks from mini bars
  • "free non-alcoholic drinks" list includes non-alcoholic frozen cocktails and soda only (no bottled water).
  • Drinks on promotion, drinks sold in souvenir glasses or served through vending machines, coffee drinks, bottles of liquor, drinks offered at gangway (on debarkation) are also not included.
  • The program also excludes any food items, all other drink-related packages, cook- & bar books, drink seminars & classes, cigarettes & cigars.
  • It is not permitted in any way to share the "Carnival all-inclusive drinks".
  • About purchasing the Cheers program by both adults in the room - there are no exceptions for medical/religious reasons! However, there are some passenger reports proving otherwise. Making an exception might be a decision based on the guest's status by the Carnival VIFP Club/loyalty program more than any particular medical reasons. So bring your med documentation with you and ask the Guest Services Desk staff nicely - you never know what, and it won't hurt to try! This article is integrated with Carnival drink packages and the Carnival drink prices (by the glass & liquor by the bottle).
  • To "Cheers passengers", bottled water on the ship is offered at 25% discount pricing.

Carnival Cheers Program has started with the Victory ship and has been tested on a trial basis. Because this beverage package gained enormous popularity, and also due to the reasonably low number of reported issues, more and more Carnival ships will offer cruises with the "all-inclusive alcohol cruise" option. As a comparison, the card cost roughly covers the cost of 5 Martinis, 7 Vodkas or 8 Beers (Domestic brands) - according to the Carnival Bar Menu prices (inclusive of gratuities).

Carnival All-You-Can-Drink Package Review

NOTE: Following are some samples to easily realize that, YES, Carnival Cheers program is worth it. But ONLY if you will be drinking AT LEAST 1 of the samples listed below, or more in 1 day, for the given length of the voyage.

Is the "Cheers" program worth it of its price?

3-days cruises ($63 per day + gratuity)4-days cruises ($52 per day + gratuity)5-6-days cruises ($49 per day + gratuity)7-8-days cruises ($43 per day + gratuity)

sample 1

  • martinis - 6 ($8.95 each)
  • sodas - 1 ($1.95 each)
  • total $64 + gratuity

sample 1

  • martinis - 5 ($8.95 each)
  • total $52 + gratuity

sample 1

  • martinis - 4 ($8.95 each)
  • sodas - 3 ($1.95 each)
  • total $48 + gratuity

sample 1

  • martinis - 4 ($8.95 each)
  • sodas - 1 ($1.95 each)
  • total $42.5 + gratuity

sample 2

  • domestic beers - 9 ($5.75 each)
  • sodas - 2 ($1.95 each)
  • total $64 + gratuity

sample 2

  • domestic beers - 7 ($5.75 each)
  • sodas - 2 ($1.95 each)
  • total $51 + gratuity

sample 2

  • domestic beers - 7 ($5.75 each)
  • sodas - 1 ($1.95 each)
  • total $49 + gratuity

sample 2

  • domestic beers - 6 ($5.75 each)
  • sodas - 1 ($1.95 each)
  • total $42 + gratuity

Cheers Bar Program reviews and tips

  • Note: we've made changes in some parts because of the Google duplicate content policy.
  • "We used it (the cheers package) for our 5 day sailing - it was very much worth it!!! It was our honeymoon... On our 1st day I got 2 icy drinks, two glasses of wine, 1 glass of champagne, & another cocktail at the end of the night... that is $50 right there and I would not consider that ALOT cos we got on the ship around 12 that day! The last day at sea... we started with mimosas in the morning and were up till 11 pm - that is over 12 hours, having only 1 drink per hour that is almost to the 15 drink limit (by the Cheers program)... my husband even did exceed it & we had a very nice waitress who "bought me" a Heineken after my glasses of wine. Bottom line - it's well worth it even if you're just a wine drinking & occasional mixed drink, having the peace of mind to not worry about your tab bill or how much you've spent on drinks so far. It was amazing - a total cost of around $470 for the whole 5 day trip for me and my husband - highly recommend!"
  • "I don't like being in position where I'm trying to drink my money's worth - unless I wanna end up plastered".
  • "I'll be signing up for the Cheers on the...! If you like adult drinks onboard you can't go wrong with the all-inclusive".
  • "Sailing on.... not expecting to be worth it, but since everyone in the room has to get it, I'll be getting it too".
  • "At the end of our last trip we tallied our bar bill - nope, not worth it. There were so many people knocking back shots 'cos they had to get their 15 drinks - it's ridiculous".
  • "Cheers is all or not - you can't buy it just by the day. This is why it's a waste of money - the full sea days it would get used, but on port days it would barely get used."
  • "I spent hours running back to guest services because of mess ups with the Cheers - 1st for my son, then me, later for my wife." To this a fellow Carnival fan replies: "To miss all the fun stuff you wanted to do because of problems with the Cheers implementation says a lot about your vacation priorities." Then another guy replies: "The running helps burning off the calories. Don't forget to always have fun!" - so so true!
  • "Let the bartender be creative on your next drink".
  • "If you don't like alcoholic beverages, you can always ask for their nonalcoholic versions".
  • How quick is the service by the Cheers program, especially in the MDR/Main Dining Room? There guests usually order a bottle of wine for the meal, and with Cheers they'd have to order by the glass. "I would recommend you order a glass of wine at the bar outside the dining room and carry it to your MDR table. You'll have your glass there and it'll save you some minutes while the waiter take your order & bring you next one".
  • maybe a little slow service in MDR, especially at dinner - "... it took us maybe an hour between each drink at diner (MDR) to get service". But there are so many bars on the ship - casino bar , atrium bar, piano bar... Cheers will work if you let it".
  • "If you have problems with Cheers, bring the receipt showing that the program had been paid for and Carnival would refund your money".
  • "I used Cheers on Breeze, and it was great - no problems signing up for it or using it, it takes like 3 seconds to look at your receipt when you get a drink - just to make sure everything's ok".
  • "On my last cruise a young man told me that his bar tab was over $1500. I think he totally would have liked the Cheers package".
  • "We bought the Cheers package as soon as we got on the ship - I gotta tel you it worked out quite well for us. We bought the program in the lobby bar before we even went to our cabin. It so nice to budget your drinking. When we figured it up at the end we saved almost 400 bucks. Love it!"
  • "You pay money for a prepaid drink program, you don't lose money with it. Cheers is designed to keep your drink costs down, not to get you drunk like a skunk".
  • "We did Cheers on a 8 day cruise - we saved $500+ by purchasing the package, and we had great service any time of day or night".
  • (remember, you need 5-6 drinks in a 24 hour period to break even with Cheers) "We are not big drinkers at home, but we surely love our cocktails when we cruise, so here's my "beer math": 1 drink in the morning (Bloody Mary/Mimosa), 1 at lunch, 1-2 by the pool, 1 at dinner, 1 in the casino, 1-2 at the comedy club - it's totally worth it!"
  • "Works best if you both plan to drink - a lot, and everyday. I don't have alcohol issues lol".
  • "All inclusive alcohol packages encourage over drinking to make it worth the money. It's really like when people feel they need to eat everything in site to justify the buffet - stupid, and not healthy at all".
  • "Cheers is well worth its cost - having those min 7 drinks per day is not so hard than you think!  Start with the breakfast time Bloody Mary, drink a few beers or cocktails throughout the day, and here you go - they go down so smoothly."
  • "Consider that ~1/2 the cruise is port time. Even with the 15-drinks limit you'll have to drink more in a shorter time on port days. This way Carnival is encouraging more drinking and more drunks. I like to drink, especially on vacation, but even when splurging to spend $400+ in 6-7 days on booze is huge for me. For $50 I'll have my 10 beers a day, but with the Cheers program I would probably be tempted to add at least 5 tequila shots every day on top of that. So if you're not a heavy boozer where is the fun here?"
  • If you pre-order online Bon Voyage liquor can you still purchase Cheers? The short answer is yes (they are different programs). And you can use the new Carnival "Cruise Cash" account towards the purchase of Cheers.
  • (on the new Cheers program price)
  • "Well, in my modest opinion - that is just RIDICULOUS!!! It's not all-inclusive because of the 15 drinks limit, and its price is going up every day!"
  • "Well that does it for me. It's simply not worth it, especially without coffee & milkshakes included".
  • "We planned on $700 drinking budget, another $100 won't kill us".
  • (By the new pricing) basic math says: an 8 day "Cheers cruise" will cost you $57,44 x2 ($114,85 pp pd) x8 days equals $919,08. Some people actually do save money buying this program: "We got this on our 7 day Breeze cruise. The total was ~$680, with extra tips we spent ~$730 on booze for the whole trip. On our previous vacation on the Fantasy we spent ~$950 on booze in just 5 days - so it was totally worth it!" Some guys do enjoy boozing too much, so cheers to their big fun.

Carnival has a trademark on "Fun For All - All For Fun" - meaning also that the "Fun" must be "For All" passengers on the "Fun Ship". It's always up to you to fully enjoy your vacation (with or without alcohol). It's all about time, money and the right attitude. If it's going to be a "Booze Cruise" - know your limits, drink responsibly, behave properly.