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Christian Cruises - compare our Christian themed vacation offers by line and destination. See what are the best Christian cruise lines and what their ships have to offer you as themes, itineraries and sailing dates. This article is integrated with Cruises to Holy Land and our Theme Cruises hub.

Although not cheap, Christian cruise vacations for families have all the chances to become one of your family's best spiritual getaways! No matter if it's a ministry-organized group voyage, or just a family vacation focused on Christian values, "Christian Cruises" as themed voyages are a wonderful vacation option. On these, you can do both - indulge in the pampering elements of the cruise ship vacation, and satisfy your spiritual needs.

"Christian Cruises" Review

If you are on a vacation budget, a ship cruise is among the best all-inclusive packages- everything is included and pre-planned. This simplifies packing and travel, enhancing your relaxation.

What is a Christian Cruise?

"Christian Cruises" incorporate inspirational speakers, teaching seminars, spiritual entertainment. These are the spots to find like-minded people, worship and pray as you sail. There are different types among all Christian cruise deals. Some include Senior, Family, Couples and Singles Cruises.Christian Cruises

The typical length of Christian Cruises varies from three up to eight days; their average cost ranges from $400 and up.

  • Pros - unforgettable spiritual voyages of a lifetime; all trip essentials included in one price; family-friendly environment and entertainment.
  • Cons - High cost of the vacation packages; not freestyle cruises- dress code may be uncomfortable for some guests; no variety in entertainment (particularly musical entertainment).

Many Christian Cruises are organized by specific ministry or churches organizations. They often opt for specialized themes, the most popular of which include:

  1. Music cruises with popular Christian artists' songs;
  2. Christian college cruises;
  3. Ministerial voyages for church leadership figures;
  4. Christian destination vacations that visit religious sites or trace Bible routes (Israel being among the world's most visited);
  5. Specialized denomination voyages, planned to appeal to Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists, other Christianity sects;
  6. Couples and Singles cruises which give members an opportunity to connect with people who share their faith;
  7. Family voyages (mother and daughter) that unite families with Christian ideals and values.

At the following link you can read about the very definition of "Christian" at Wikipedia.

Christian Cruise Ship Vacations - Activities

In addition to the inclusions of a typical cruise price (fine dining, games, entertainment), "Christian Cruises" provide a variety of activities. This way Christian passengers enjoy fellowship with other guests. Remember that group cruises do not usually require passengers' participation in any set number activities. There are options for everyone to try something fun that will help meet other individuals sharing the same religious beliefs. Each themed Christian cruise is quite different, but the typical onboard activities include:

  • Welcome receptions and Bible study
  • Worship services and Seminars on different religious topics
  • Christian themed games; Christian entertainment (Christian musicians, speakers, comedians)
  • Specialized shore excursions to famous religious sites, churches, temples.
  • Social activities (dances, slumber parties, group photographs, elegant receptions on formal nights).

How to choose between Christian cruise lines?Christian cruise lines and ships

A large number of travel agencies plan regular Christian Cruises. A single agency only offers a few voyages each year. But if you investigate different travel agents, you will be able to find the voyage that appeals to you exactly. The most popular agencies, offering Christian cruise vacations are:

  • All Christian Cruises COM
  • Bountiful Travel COM
  • Christian Cruises COM
  • Christian Cruises NET
  • Christian Travel Finder COM
  • Inspiration Cruises COM
  • Matter of the Heart NET
  • Premier Experience COM
  • Temptation Tours COM

Christian cruise lines ships have limited offers on Christian themed cruises per year. But they all sail to some of the world's most beautiful places! Usually, themed cruise deals are traded via themed travel agencies. Some travel agencies schedule a popular itinerary. Others vary destinations so that travelers have more options. Consider the following factors when you choose between all the "Christian cruise lines":

  • Cruise line/operator. The ones that frequently host themed Christian voyages are Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Holland America Cruise Line, though other lines participate as well.
  • Destinations/itinerary. Christian themed cruises often include vacations to Caribbean, Alaska and Bahamas. Another very popular destinations are Mexico and Hawaii. Very special Mediterranean itineraries are the so called "Holy Land Cruises"- to visit Israel, Egypt, Greece and Turkey in one package deals.
  • Denomination. There are voyages focused on appealing to a specific sect. Other are appealing to all Christians.
  • Activity options. Carefully investigate the activities when you choose a Christian cruise- find those appealing to you. Some Christian music artists are popular for ones, but other passengers may prefer a quieter voyage.

Your own unique "Christian Cruise" tour

If you are unable to find the ideal Christian cruise for your own vacation plans, work through the local church. There are lots of pre-planned Christian voyages available, but not every Christian likes to be involved in a structured getaway. Don't bother- it is easy to plan a Christian cruise on your own. The benefits of cruise vacations include the appeal of having meals, accommodations, travel and destinations- all included in a single fare. There are also many activities provided, which appeal to all ages. Read the following tips which will add some spirituality to your Christian themed traveling experience:

  • Designate time for worship and prayer. Modern cruise ships offer small chapels; there are also many quiet places on board suitable for a small group.
  • Avoid cruise ship's vices. Your personal behavior can be Christ-like everywhere, no matter where the voyage may be.
  • Choose educational tours. Instead of indulging on board, discover God's wonders in different destination.

Christian cruise lines deals present the unique option for physically, mentally and spiritually refreshing themed travel vacations. Choose preplanned theme cruises specific to your faith or just focus on spirituality while on vacation. Christian cruises offer something for everyone! Book today and get the best cabin locations and rates! Find out more from our selected Christian vacations below.

Christian Cruises lines, ships schedules, itineraries information

theme/title 2016-2017 departures dates cruise lines / ships (internal links to the ship’s schedule and current position) length / itinerary information, phone number (call for details), external links
"Baltic Capitals with Episcopal Fellowship" 2016, May 28 Royal Caribbean / Serenade of the Seas 8-days Baltics roundtrip from Copenhagen
"Alaska with Presbyterian Fellowship" 2016, June 19 Celebrity Cruise Lines / Celebrity Infinity 7-days Alaska roundtrip from Vancouver, BC
"Alaska with Methodist Fellowship" 2016, Aug 3 Holland America / ms Volendam 7-days Alaska roundtrip from Vancouver, BC
"Voyages of Paul" 2016, Sept 4 Royal Caribbean / Rhapsody of the Seas 11-days Greek Isles roundtrip from Venice
"Landmarks & Lighthouses with Southern Baptist Fellowship" 2016, Aug 25 Royal Caribbean / Anthem of the Seas 9-days Canada and New England roundtrip from Cape Liberty, NJ
"Christian Women's Retreat" 2016, Oct 13 Carnival Cruise Line / Carnival Valor 4-days Bahamas cruise, hosted by Rachael Carman
  • "The Footsteps of Paul"
  • "Journeys of Paul"
  • 2016, May 22
  • 2016, Oct 17
Royal Caribbean / Jewel of the Seas
  • 11-days Mediterranean & Adriatic roundtrip from Rome
  • 11-days Greek Isles roundtrip from Rome
"Paris & Normandy" 2016, Oct 20 AMAWaterways / AmaLegro 9-Days Paris & Normandy roundtrip from Paris with Dr. Bob Westin 
"Cruise through Provence" 2016, Oct 27 AMAWaterways / AmaDagio 9-days cruise through Provence (Lyon to Aries) with guest speaker Bishop Will Willimon
"Fall Foliage Cruise with the Fellowship" 2016, Oct 7 Holland America / ms Zuiderdam 12-days Canada and New England from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale
"Lands of the Bible"
  • 2016, Oct 20
  • 2016, Oct 21
  • 2016, Nov 1
  • 14-days Holy Land & Greece from Istanbul to Rome
  • 16-days Mediterranean & Adriatic roundtrip from Rome
  • 14-days Mediterranean & Adriatic from Rome to Istanbul
"Lutheran Reformation Cruise & Tour" 2016, Nov 4 AMAWaterways / AmaVerde 9-days roundtrip from Amsterdam
"Christmas Time" 2016, Dec 3 AMAWaterways / AmaSerena 9-days Christmas Time from Nuremberg to Budapest, with guest speaker Bishop Mike Watson
"A Time of Worship Cruise with Brigitte Donoho" 2017, Mar 6 Royal Caribbean /  Brillance of the Seas 5-days Caribbean roundtrip from Tampa, FL

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