GNV Atlas ferry accidents and incidents

GNV Atlas ferry cruise ship

Former names
SNAV Lazio, Pride of Portsmouth, Olau Britannia

Length (LOA)
161 m / 528 ft

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  • ship collision - 2002 (with warship HMS St Albans in Portsmouth England)

The vessel was previously operated under the names Olau Britannia (1989-1994 by Olau Line), Pride of Portsmouth (1994-2005 by P&O Ferries), SNAV Lazio (2005-2017 by SNAV) and GNV Atlas (since 2017).

27 October 2002Ship Collision / Allision

(P&O MS Pride of Portsmouth) In the early morning of October 27, 2002, while navigating in within Portsmouth Harbour, due to high winds (speeds up to 45 mph / 75 kph) and gusts (up to 80 mph / 130 kph) the ferry collided with HMS St Albans (F83-class UK Royal Navy frigate). No injuries were reported.

During the collision, the warship was moored at Fountain Lake Jetty and was pressed by the ferry against the quay. Besides the harsh weather, the accident was also caused by the propulsion system (bow thruster) failure and inappropriate bridge order that allowed the passenger vessel to pass near HMS Ocean (amphibious assault ship). Then it made a starboard turn, which, accelerated by high winds, pushed it against HMS St Albans.

The new warship (not yet entered service) suffered substantial superstructure damages, including parts of the open deck, gun decks, seaboat supports, port bridge wing. The ferry sustained only minor damages, including a gash on the bow. Both ships were taken out of service for repairs.

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