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  • fire - 2009 (in Genoa Italy), 2023 (in Palermo Sicily)
  • ship collision - 2004 (with Nuraghes ferry in Olbia, Sardinia Italy)

14 January 2023Fire Accident

On January 14, 2023, while berthed in homeport Palermo (Sicily Italy), the ship suffered a garage fire accident.

The fire started in the Cargo Deck's bow section (in a vehicle) and was extinguished by local fire brigade teams, including 12 trucks/34 firfighters (from the quay) and also tugboats cooling the hull from the sea.

All the 180 passengers and the 80 crew were disembarked/evacuated. No injuries were reported except for several cases of minor intoxication.

On January 15th, the Fire Brigade announced that the affected by the flames areas are cooled, allowing the ten fire teams to enter the ship and inspect the interior.

On January 16th, the cruiseferry was still producing a thick column of black smoke coming out of the garage doors (stern). After entering the Car Deck, firefighters reported that ~70% of the ship is checked (except the bow area where the temperatures were still very high) and that in addition to the vehicles, some cabins were also affected by the fire. Tugboats' hydrants continued to shoot water onto the bulkheads.

The ship was scheduled to leave Palermo en route to Naples.

22 December 2009Fire Accident

On December 22, 2009, while berthed in homeport Genoa (Italy), the ship suffered an engine room fire accident.

The fire was quickly extinguished by the crew.

All the 1570 passengers were evacuated and transferred to a substitute ferry to Palermo (Sicily).

17 September 2004Ship Collision / Allision

On September 17, 2004, at ~8 pm, while maneuvering for docking in Port Olbia (Sardinia Island), the ship (rammed the moored cruiseferry Tirrenia Nuraghes. The Nuraghes was berthed at Pier 3 and waiting for its 11 pm departure for Civitavecchia (Rome).

In the collision, MS Nuraghes sustained several hull damages (to the bow, Navigation Bridge, and partially the stern). One of its lifeboats fell into the water, while one inflatable liferaft remained hanging in the air. After the investigations and inspections, Nuraghes departed towards Lazio airport.

The fault was attributed to La Superba's Captain, who, despite the bad weather in the harbor, didn't require tugboat assistance.

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