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  • ship seizure - 2008 (pirate attack off Somalia)

04 April 2008Pirates / Terrorist Attacks

(Somali pirates attack) On April 4, 2008, while sailing in Aden Gulf/Arabian Sea (off Somalia's coast), following a pirate attack, the yacht and its 30 crew were captured. The ship was en route from Seychelles Islands to Europe (Mediterranean Sea), on a repositioning itinerary via Suez Canal.

The captured crew consisted of 22 French, 6 Filipinos, 1 Ukrainian, 1 Cameroonian. At the time of the pirate attack, there were no passengers onboard.

On April 12, the vessel and its crew were freed by French and Canadian military vessels - ships and a CH-124 helicopter from HMCS Charlottetown (1995-built Halifax-class frigate, FFH 339). Following the release, French military helicopters (dispatched from Djibouti base) tracked the pirates to their village. From the French navy ships, Jean Bart (frigate) and Jeanne d'Arc (battlecruiser) were deployed a commando marine team and a GIGN (elite French police tactical unit).

During the operation, the commandos captured 6 Somali pirates. Reportedly, in the raid, 3 people died and 8 were wounded. The French troops recovered some of the ransom money paid for the yacht and its crew. The 6 captured men were flown to Paris France for trial.

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