Ocean Nova accidents and incidents

Ocean Nova cruise ship

Former names
Sarpik Ittuk

Length (LOA)
73 m / 240 ft

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  • aground - 2009 (Antarctica)

17 February 2009Ship Grounding

On February 17, 2009, at ~4:30 am, the ship ran aground approx 2 km off Antarctic Peninsula (San Martin Base, Argentina) after the vessel was pushed by high winds into rocks. The initial damage assessment (done by divers) indicated no imminent danger, a threat to lives or leakage. The accident occurred on the 8th day of 13-day polar cruise itinerary roundtrip from Ushuaia (Argentina).

All the 68 passengers were evacuated to Clipper Adventurer, as the grounded ship was unable to break free. To all passengers, Quark Expeditions provided complimentary hotel and rearranged the return flights. Unofficially was reported that before the winds picked up, the ship's engine was shut off for some maintenance works, but the crew failed to restart it, which resulted in drifting towards the rocks.

On February 18, the ship was freed on its own. The February 23 departure from Ushuaia was cancelled, allowing the ship to enter 3-day dock for repairs. Booked passengers were rebooked on MS Polar Star (itinerary February 24).

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