Pascal Paoli ferry accidents and incidents

Pascal Paoli ferry cruise ship

Former names
SNCM Ferryterranee

Length (LOA)
176 m / 577 ft

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  • ship seizures - 2005, 2019

In the period 2003-2016, the vessel was operated under the name "SNCM Ferryterranee".

20 September 2020Crew / Passenger Crimes

On September 20, 2019, while the cruiseferry was completing a crossing from Bastia (Corsica) to Marseille, six armed policemen from the National Gendarmerie boarded the ship off Toulon (France) after soldiers (onboard passengers) reported suspicious acts by a group of Muslims. The arrested were soon released and considered no danger.

June 2019Pirates / Terrorist Attacks

During the labour union strike at La Meridionale (1931-founded shipping company) which paralyzed Port Marseille from June 21, 2019, three Corsica Linea ferries remained blocked by La Meridionale employees for several days. MS Pascal Paoli provided emergency crossings from Toulon to Corsica (Bastia and Ajaccio).

On June 23, the cruiseferry became blocked at Port Bastia for 2 days (remained out of service) through June 27 when the strike ended.

27 September 2005Pirates / Terrorist Attacks

On September 27, 2005, during social unrest after the decision to privatize the shipowner SNCM, striking sailors (of Corsican Workers' Trade Union) occupied the Pascal Paoli ship docked at the seawall off Port Marseille. The strikers planned to move the vessel to Port Bastia (Corsica Island).

Following the departure from Marseille, the cruiseferry was approached by French military helicopters. It arrived in Bastia at ~11 pm (Sept 27). In the early hours of September 28, after a decision taken overnight, commandos of Hubert (French Navy) and GIGN (French Gendarmerie) assisted by 5 military helicopters boarded and took possession of the vessel. Under Navy escort, the cruise ship was directed to Toulon (France) where was docked in the military port. There the ferry remained through October 13th, when departed for homeport Marseille.

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