Pascal Paoli ferry

Former name: SNCM Ferryterranee

Pascal Paoli ferry current position

Pascal Paoli ferry current location is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 43.05951 N / 8.93510 E) cruising at speed of 16.9 kn (31 km/h | 19 mph) en route to FR MRS P74. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Specifications of Pascal Paoli ferry

Year of build2003  /  Age: 21
Flag state France
BuilderVan der Giessen de Noord (Krimpen aan den IJssel, Holland)
Classcruiseferry (Ro-Pax ship)
Ferry route / homeportsMarseille-Corsica (Bastia)
Speed24 kn / 44 km/h / 28 mph
Length (LOA)176 m / 577 ft
Beam (width)31 m / 102 ft
Gross Tonnage35760 gt
Last Refurbishment2018
Former namesSNCM Ferryterranee
OwnerSNCM Maritima Ferries

Pascal Paoli ferry Review

Review of Pascal Paoli ferry

HSF Pascal Paoli ferry is a Ro-Pax passenger vessel (HSF=high-speed ferry) owned by SNCM Maritima Ferries and operated under charter by the France-based company CORSICA LINEA. The ship has a max capacity of 654 passengers and 130 cars. The vessel was launched in 2003 and currently operates on the France-Corsica ferry route Marseille-Bastia (crossing time 12 hours).


As cruise ferry, Pascal Paoli has 171 cabins (accommodating up to 4 passengers). All staterooms are located on deck 8. All staterooms are air-conditioned, soundproof, with en-suite bathrooms (toilet/shower/washbasin, hairdryer), lower and upper bunk beds (wall-mounted), bedside table/cabinet with stool or chair, mirrored vanity (small writing table with chair or stool), phone, wall-mounted reading lamps, wardrobe. The ferry company provides bed linens, towels, and toiletries.

All cabins and hallways are carpeted. Stateroom access is electronic (via boarding cards) which codes are changed for each cruise. TNT television is available in all staterooms and in the Bar Lounge.

Outside cabins are with a bay window. Suites additionally offer as amenities HDTV (satellite reception), mini-bar, double bed, 2-seater sofa. Some staterooms are wheelchair-accessible (cabins adapted for disabled passengers). The boat additionally offers a total of 50 reclining seats (aircraft-type seats in the reserved seating lounge) available for pre-booking.

All passengers must vacate their staterooms 30 min prior to homeport arrival.

SNCM Pascal Paoli ferry ship (CORSICA LINEA)

Shipboard dining and entertainment options

As facilities (most of which located on Deck 7), MS Pascal Paoli ship offers:

  • The ship has two main restaurants - 198-seat A La Carte Restaurant (open 7 - 9:30 pm), and Self-Service (Buffet) Restaurant - 201-seat Bar (both on Deck 7). Both venues feature panoramic (floor-ceiling) windows and are suitable for quick meals prepared by French master chefs. Personalized menus are also available, offering dishes made with gluten-free products.
  • The Sandwich Shop / Snack Bar (Cafeteria / Patisserie on Deck 7) is open year-round and sells sandwiches, cakes, pastries, fruit salads, yoghurts, ice cream, hot/cold drinks.
  • Children's Room is a kids-dedicated indoor playground equipped with a large HDTV (for watching cartoons), bean bags, small tables with chairs, toys, games, ball pool pit, supervised activities.
  • The Sun Deck has a Solarium area with an indoor heated swimming pool, sunbathing area (sun loungers, deckchairs), outdoor seating (small tables and chairs). It is served by an outdoor pool bar serving fast food, snacks, cocktails, beer, soft drinks. As a highspeed ferry, the ship's sundeck area is protected from winds by transparent glass walls.
  • The Reserved Seating Lounge has a capacity of 50 seats and is fitted with comfortable Pullman seats (fully-reclining armchairs) and large HDTVs.
  • Onboard shopping options include a Shopping Arcade with several retail shops (boutiques and Mini Market) selling at discount prices alcohol (spirits, wines), tobaccos, premium-brand perfumes and cosmetics, designer jewellery, fashion clothing and accessories, footwear, designer watches, handbags, sunglasses, personal hygiene products, travel essentials, confectionery, snacks, toys, books, magazines, electronics and gadgets, special occasion gifts and souvenirs.
  • (Lobby Deck) ATM/cash machine is located next to the Reception (Information Desk). Onboard Wi-Fi service is paid and available at the restaurants and bars onboard. WiFi packages can be purchased online (upon ferry bookings) or on the ship (at the Reception). WiFi service is available on all CORSICA LINEA ships.
  • The top-deck is a Heli Deck with a helipad (helicopter landing area used in cases of emergency).
  • The vessel offers plenty of outdoor deck space. Infirmary (ship hospital) provides 24-hour nursery service.
  • There are also large closed rescue boats designed for evacuation, semi-rigid boats, and liferafts.

All onboard emergency instructions are displayed in staterooms, on the TV screens and at the ship's assembly stations (aka muster stations). Life jackets are issued at the assembly stations. In cases of emergency, the use of elevators/passenger lifts is forbidden.

SNCM Pascal Paoli ferry ship (CORSICA LINEA)

Pets on the ship

Travelling with pets/domestic animals are allowed on all CORSICA LINEA ships. For dogs and cats are available dedicated onboard lodgings. Other animals (rabbits, birds, hamsters, etc) must be in passenger-owned carriers.

  • Animals are not allowed in staterooms, seating lounges, bar lounges, and all public rooms. Animals are allowed only on outer decks, where they can be walked by their owners.
  • During ferry booking, passengers have to select "Pet up to 6 kg" for animals travelling in pet cages and not requiring kennels. The "Pet over 6 kg" option is for animals needing onboard kennel (which must be booked in advance).
  • During the crossing, animals are nourished by the owners. Water is provided by the crew. Animals must be maintained by the owners, who are obliged to remove excrements or any other uncleannesses produced by the animal.
  • Visually impaired passengers travel with their guide dogs at no extra cost. Guide dogs are allowed in the cabin. Disabled passengers or those with reduced mobility can also be accompanied by assistance dogs.

Car decks

As freight, CORSICA LINEA ships allow transportation of semi-trailers, lorries (with or without drivers), cars, motorcycles (only as freight, without drivers), caravans, camper vans (without drivers), cargo containers, mobile machinery, boats (on cradle), industrial products.

Follows a list of car decks-related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk (open 24-hours).
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number/stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger lounges is forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.

In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

ferry company Corsica Linea logo - CruiseMapper

The shipowner Corsica Linea (fleet, 2016-founded, headquartered in Ajaccio, Corsica) is a French shipping company operating exclusively on Mediterranean Sea routes connecting mainland France (Marseille) with Corsica Island (France), Sardinia Island (Italy) and North Africa (Arab Maghreb - Algeria and Tunisia).

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Pascal Paoli ferry Wiki

Pascal Paoli was the last ferry built by Van der Giessen de Noord shipyard (in Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands). The ship is named after the Corsican admiral, politician and philosopher Filippo Antonio Pasquale de Paoli (1725-1807), who led Corsica's resistance against the Genoese and French.

The vessel was ordered on December 29, 2000, launched (floated-out from drydock) on October 26, 2002, delivered to SNCM on May 16, 2003, and commissioned / inaugurated on May 29. Vessel's construction started on January 29, 2002, with the keel-laying ceremony at the Dutch shipyard. Two sets of North Sea trials were successfully completed in 2003 (April 26-28 and May 9-11). In the period 2003-2016, the ship was named "SNCM Ferryterranee".

During drydock 2018 (February 1-22) at Chantier Naval de Marseille shipyard, along with the regular maintenance works the ship also received renovations in public spaces (new carpeting) and 11 new interior cabins added in the area that was part of the seating lounge (Deck 7). Navigation Bridge's (Wheelhouse) equipment was also modernized with new software and radars. The lifeboats' davits were also upgraded. On the technical side, behind each of the propellers was installed a device reducing the water flow towards the rudders, thus increasing the ship's fuel efficiency by ~3%.

MS Pascal Paoli is CORSICA LINEA's largest ship by cargo capacity - 2300 lanemeters (garage storage space for wheeled cargoes). The garage deck can hold up to 130 vehicles and is accessible via 2 aft ramps - each with length 18 m (59 ft) and width 12 m (portside) and 6,4 m (starboard). The vessel is powered by four Wartsila marine diesel engines (model 9L46 / 9-cylinder) with combined power output 37,8 MW. The propulsion is based on two drive shafts (with variable-pitch propellers) plus two Lips bow thrusters (transverse tunnel thrusters with combined output 3 MW). The vessel is stabilized by two ACH Engineering folding fin stabilizers and has two Becker flap rudders. The maritime equipment also includes two closed lifeboats, two rescue boats (motorized semi-rigid boats) and liferafts.

Deck 7 is entirely designed to passengers. After leaving the car deck (which lacks the traditional bow doors), car passengers go directly to the Lobby area (Reception Hall) on Deck 7. When operated by SNCM, the vessel is painted in white and blue livery (fleetwide) with SNCM painted in dark blue. On Pascal Paoli for the first time was painted on the hull (in red) SNCM's website.

On January 5, 2016, the ship was transferred to MCM-Maritime Corse Mediterranee - new brand succeeding SNCM after company's acquisition by Patrick Rocca (Corsica Linea). On February 3, 2016, following a technical stop at Menzel Bourguiba shipyards (Tunisia), Pascal Paoli arrived in homeport Marseilles without commercial markings. In May 2016, the vessel received Corsica Linea's red livery and started operations for the company with the inaugural cruise (from Marseille to Bastia) on May 25th.

In September 2019 was announced that via ABB's shoreside power connectivity system, three Corsica Linea ships will be able to cut emissions and noise while berthed in Port Marseille. Instead of producing electricity for onboard use via the auxiliary diesel-fueled generators, the fleetmates Pascal Paoli, Paglia Orba and Jean Nicoli now use shoreside electricity while berthed. Each of the three ships was modified with ABB Dynacomp (power compensation system) allowing electricity from the city grid (7-11 MWh per vessel) to be supplied to the moored ferries.

In January 2020 (Jan 17 to 30) Pascal Paoli was deployed on the France-Corsica route Nice-Bastia-Ajaccio with a regularly scheduled daily roundtrip from Nice.