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Review of Phoenix Reisen

CruiseMapper provides all current Phoenix Reisen Cruises ships schedule, itineraries information (itinerary changes, news) and cruise prices comparison. Phoenix Reisen is a travel agency based in Bonn Germany, which also operates a fleet of cruise vessels under charter. The itineraries offered by Phoenix Reisen are designed for Germans and are not very popular outside the German-speaking market.

Phoenix Reisen cruise company was established by Johannes Zurnieden in November 1973. Zurnieden, who was just 23 years old then, is still involved as managing director in day-to-day business. The first trips of the travel company began in 1974 to destinations like Budapest, Prague and Istanbul.

Phoenix Reisen Cruises logo

In 1988 the company entered cruise business under its own brand by the 20-year charter agreement on the Soviet Union cruise ship SS Maxim Gorkiy (owned by Black Sea Shipping Company based in Odessa, former Hamburg Grande Dame on the high seas).

  • Instead of being repainted in the colours of Phoenix Reisen, the ship kept sailing in BLASCO livery, and kept the Sovjet Union symbol of hammer and chisel at the funnel. After two decades of service, Maxim Gorkiy left Phoenix Reisen fleet at the end of November 2008 and was later scrapped.
  • In 1993 a second vessel joined Phoenix Reisen fleet. SS Albatros was chartered from V-Ships and Phoenix Reisen applied to the new vessel their house colours. Albatros recieved a turquoise funnel with a flying albatros as a logo, as well as a tuquoise-coloured band at her hull.
  • The purchase of Artemis (renamed Artania) from P&O Cruises marks a further step forward for the Phoenix Reisen fleet. What began with Maxim Gorky became a success story continuing to this day.
  • Now ms Albatros, ms Amadea and ms Artania go to the most beautiful ports in the world under Phoenix flag. The popular destinations in the summer are the Baltic and North Sea sailing area. In winter, the ships go on exotic trips to Africa and Antarctica, or on a world cruise.
  • In its history Phoenix Reisen has kept the charm of a family venture. The ‘non-smoking bonus’ is an example of Zurnieden’s imprint on the company. The bonus has been distributed to the employees every month since April 2006. All non-smoking staff, those who have never smoked or have given up smoking, receive in addition to their salary a €200 bonus. As a result, the staff based in Bonn consists almost entirely of non-smokers.
  • An interesting fact is that in 2013 Johannes Zurnieden offered a travel voucher for €5,000 to the first person to hand over an issue of the first brochure of Phoenix Reisen, printed in 1974, as it was lost from the company’s archives. The reward was advertised and received wide media coverage in Germany. Anyone presenting additional copies were rewarded with travel vouchers for €100.

In July 2018, Phoenix Reisen purchased from Holland America the liner MS Prinsendam, starting operations for the company on July 1, 2019, under the new name "MS Amera".

Itinerary of Phoenix Reisen

The current Phoenix Reisen fleet includes:

  • ms Albatros (1973) in the fleet since 2004
  • ms Amadea (1991) in the fleet since 2006
  • ms Artania (1984) in the fleet since 2011
  • MS Deutschland (1998) is chartered during the summer months only. The ship offers round-trip cruises from Bremerhaven (Germany) to ports in Norway (Norwegian Fjords, North Cape, Spitsbergen), Scandinavia and Russia, UK, Iceland and Greenland.

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