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  • 2020-2021-2022 - delayed delivery/postponed launch and inauguration, a total of 61x canceled cruises in Europe, Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, repositioning (Transatlantic, Canada-Caribbean-South America), Antarctica
  • technical issues - 2023 (unscheduled drydock for repairs, 5 canceled cruises)

January 2023Structural and Technical Issues

On January 23, 2023, Seabourn canceled five voyages scheduled for Seabourn Venture in April 2023 (April 7 thru 30) to allow the ship to enter an unscheduled drydock for repairs in Italy, conducted at CI.MAR Shipyard (San Giorgio di Nogaro/Trieste).

Reportedly, the issue was with the stabilizers (in-hull units/fins mounted beneath the waterline) whose function is to reduce the roll caused by wind/waves.

Next are listed the canceled voyages.

  • 10-day Amazon River Cruise (from Iquitos to Manaus)
  • 22-day South America from Iquitos to Praia (Cape Verde's Santiago Island)
  • 12-day Brazil Amazon and Transatlantic (Manaus to Praia), with planned visits to Parintins, Santarem, Guajara, Macapa, Ile Royale (French Guiana's Salvation Islands), Praia (overnight)
  • 24-day Transatlantic crossing (from Manaus to London-Greenwich)
  • 12-day Transatlantic crossing (from Praia to London-Greenwich) with planned visits to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain's Canary Islands), Casablanca (Morocco), Lisbon (Portugal), Cherbourg (France), Ostend (Belgium) and London-Greenwich (England UK)

All affected bookings received a full refund (to the original form of payment) as well as reimbursement of all non-cruise fare purchases, including booked through Seabourn flights, pre-/post-cruise hotels, land transfers, tours/shore excursions, shipboard amenities, etc. Seabourn also reimbursed some non-refundable expenses (on a case-by-case basis), including flight change fees.

Additionally, all bookings received a 25% bonus in FCC (Future Cruise Credit, automatically applied to the customer's Seabourn account) to be used on future voyages scheduled through December 31, 2023.

February 2022Other Incidents

In February 2022, Seabourn announced that Venture's Maiden Voyage is once again postponed - from April 10th to July 15th, 2022 (out of London-Greenwich) due to COVID crisis-related global supply chain disruptions.

The last cancellations affected 10x voyages in Svalbard Norway.

February 2021Other Incidents

In February 2021 was canceled Seabourn Venture's entire winter 2021-2022 program (Antarctica and South America), dropping a total of 17 itineraries in these regions.

Next are listed their departure dates and themes, with lowest prices per person with double occupancy.

  • US$29000 (2021 Dec 15) 20-day "Night Ultimate Holiday Antarctica and South Georgia Cruise"
  • $17000 (2022 Jan 4, Jan 26) 12-day "Night Antarctica Exploration Cruise"
  • $13000 (Jan 16, Feb 7) 10-day "Night The Great White Continent Cruise"
  • $29000-32000 (Feb 17) 21-day from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, 27-day from Ushuaia to Rio de Janeiro
  • $5000-11500 (March 10) 6-day from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, 19-day from Buenos Aires to Manaus
  • $29000-32000 (March 17) 12-day from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus, 22-day from Rio de Janeiro to Iquitos
  • $10000 (March 30) 9-day from Manaus to Iquitos
  • $10800-15000 (April 9) 9-day from Iquitos to Manaus, 20-day from Iquitos to Praia
  • $6000-13500 (April 18) 11-day from Manaus to Praia, 24-day from Manaus to London-Greenwich
  • $8000 (April 30) 12-day from Praia to London-Greenwich

In August 2021 was canceled the entire Norway 2021-2022 winter season (December 11 thru April 24) including 12 departures from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Tromso (Norway)

The Maiden Voyage was rescheduled for April 10, 2022 (Norway from London-Greenwich).

September 2020Other Incidents

Due to Coronavirus-related shipbuilding yard closures (T Mariotti), on September 1, 2020, Seabourn Cruises announced that Seabourn Venture's inaugural cruise is rescheduled from July 5 to December 1, 2021. A total of 22 itineraries were canceled.

The vessel was constructed at CI.MAR (Cimolai Group+T. Mariotti Shipyards) located in San Giorgio di Nogaro (near Venice, Italy).

Next are listed the canceled voyages with prices per person in USD (double-occupancy cabin rates).

  • 2021 Jul 5 (10 days) from Lisbon to London-Greenwich ($8500)
  • 2021 Jul 16 (22 days) from London-Greenwich to Longyearbyen
  • 2021 Jul 16 (11 days) from London-Greenwich to Tromso
  • 2021 Jul 27 (25 days) from Tromso to Reykjavik($32400)
  • 2021 Jul 27 (11 days) from Tromso to Longyearbyen
  • 2021 Aug 7 (28 days) from Longyearbyen to Reykjavik($32900)
  • 2021 Aug 7 (14 days) from Longyearbyen to Reykjavik
  • 2021 Aug 21 (28 days) Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq ($28500)
  • 2021 Aug 21 (14 days) "Legend of the Icelandic Sagas Cruise" roundtrip from Reykjavik( $18000)
  • 2021 Sep 4 (28 days) from Reykjavik to St Johns NL Canada ($32000)
  • 2021 Sep 4 (14 days) from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq
  • 2021 Sep 18 (24 days) from Kangerlussuaq to Bridgetown Barbados ($22400)
  • 2021 Sep 18 (14 days) from Kangerlussuaq to St Johns NL Canada
  • 2021 Oct 2 (24 days) from St Johns NL to Callao Peru ($15000)
  • 2021 Oct 2 (10 days) from St Johns NL to Bridgetown Barbados ($6000)
  • 2021 Oct 12 (26 days) from Bridgetown to San Antonio Chile ($19000)
  • 2021 Oct 12 (14 days) from Bridgetown to Callao Peru ($10000)
  • 2021 Oct 27 (29 days) from Callao to Ushuaia Argentina ($29500)
  • 2021 Oct 27 (11 days) from Callao to San Antonio ($10000)
  • 2021 Nov 7 (18 days) from San Antonio to Ushuaia
  • 2021 Nov 25 and Dec 5 (10 days) "The Great White Continent Cruise" Antarctica roundtrip from Ushuaia ($11000)

Next table shows the canceled 10-day maiden voyage.

Date / TimePort
05 Jul 17:00Departing from Lisbon, Portugal
06 Jul 08:00 - 18:00Leixoes-Oporto, Portugal
09 Jul 08:00 - 18:00Saint-Malo, France
10 Jul 08:00 - 18:00Cherbourg, France
11 Jul 08:00 - 12 Jul 15:00Rouen, France
13 Jul 07:00 - 16:00Isle of Wight, Cowes England
14 Jul 08:00 - 17:00Zeebrugge-Bruges, Belgium
15 Jul 07:00Arriving in London-Greenwich, England

Prices started from USD 8500 pp.

Seabourn Venture's Antarctica 2021-2022 voyages were transferred to the fleetmate Seabourn Quest. Venture's program was revised (officially announced in October 2020), starting with "Norwegian Winter" itineraries (Seabourn's first-ever) and featuring Norway's Northern Lights experience.

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