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MS Rodnaya Rus cabins and suites review at CruiseMapper provides detailed information on cruise accommodations, including floor plans, photos, room types and categories, cabin sizes, furniture details and included by Infoflot (Russian River Cruises) en-suite amenities and services.

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Junior Suite

Layout (floor plan)

MS Rodnaya Rus Junior Suite  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:2
Cabin size:180 ft2 / 17 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):forward on deck 4-Boat
Type (categories):Junior Suite

Junior Suites have double bed (non-convertible to twins), sofabed (3rd/4th person), dressing table, 2 chairs, 2 windows, en-suite bathroom (WC, shower, wash basin).

Single Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

MS Rodnaya Rus Single Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:1
Staterooms number:8
Cabin size:60 ft2 / 5 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):2-Main, 3-Middle
Type (categories):(A1, B1) Single Cabin

Single cabins have 1 lower bed (fixed) or sofabed, 1 opening window, no full bathroom ((wash basin only).

Double Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

MS Rodnaya Rus Double Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:2
Staterooms number:77
Cabin size:80-110-140 ft2 / 7-10-13 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Lower, 2-Main, 3-Middle, 4-Boat
Type (categories):(A2-1, A2-2, B2, B2-2) Twin / Double Cabins

Double cabins have either 1 opening window or 2 opening porthole windows (round-shaped, on Lower Deck cabins). Lower Deck doubles are with bunk beds and wash basin only. The rest are with en-suite bathrooms (WC, shower, wash basin).

Available are the following configurations:

  • 2 lower beds (fixed)
  • 1 single bed plus sofabed
  • 1 lower plus 1 upper bunk bed
  • 1 double bed (non-convertible to twins)

Triple Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

MS Rodnaya Rus Triple Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:8
Cabin size:80-140 ft2 / 7-13 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Lower, 3-Middle, 4-Boat
Type (categories):(A3, A2+1) Triple Cabins

Triple cabins are with convertible sofa (single chairbed), 2 or 3 opening windows, table with chair, en-suite bathroom (WC, shower, wash basin). Some cabins have 1 single bed (fixed) plus 1 double bed (non-convertible to twins). Some have 1 single bed plus 2 upper bunk beds. Lower Deck triples are with 2 round-shaped porthole windows (opening).

Quad Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

MS Rodnaya Rus Quad Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:5
Cabin size:150 ft2 / 14 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):3-Middle, 4-Boat
Type (categories):(A3+1) Quad Cabin

Quad cabins have either double bed plus double sofabed (3rd-4th person) or double bed plus single bed and convertible sofa (single chairbed). All Quads are with en-suite bathroom (WC, shower, wash basin), 1 opening window, large wardrobe. Quads can be also booked as Triples.

MS Rodnaya Rus cabins review

Rodnaya Rus cruise ship has a total of 100 cabins (for 235 passengers), including 2x suites, 8x singles, 77x doubles, 8x triples and 5x quads. All staterooms are outside (no interior cabins) and with large opening windows (except Lower Deck cabins with round-shaped opening portholes). Cabin ceiling height is 2,2 m.

Follows review of MS Rodnaya Rus staterooms as furniture, price-included amenities and complimentary services:

  • Double beds are sized 2 x 1,6 cm. Twin beds are sized 2 x 0,8 m, each with under bed storage space (for suitcases), wardrobe with hangers, mirrored dressing table with chair, bedside folding table (wall-mounted drop-leaf table), bed lights, 220 V power sockets, bedding sets, LED lighting.
  • Quads, Triples and some double cabins are with upper bunk beds.
  • En-suite bathroom (WC, washbasin, shower, hairdryer, towels, bath products). Due to the vessel's old design, economy class cabins don't have a full bathroom (washbasin only, no WC and shower). Their passenger has to use on-deck public restrooms and common showers.
  • Phone (direct dial, onboard communication only), radio, refrigerator, personal safe (in the closet), flat HDTV (local and satellite reception). Suites additionally have a low table with pouffes, double bed, sofabed (3rd/4th person), 2 windows, floor lamps.
  • Individual air-conditioning (thermostat-controlled heating and ventilation)
  • Complimentary ironing room, laundry (no dry-cleaning and self-service laundromats on the ship), free Wi-Fi.
  • Cabin TVs show all-Russian channels, as well as recorded films and cartoons, live views (from a camera installed on the bow), ship security channel (instructions in cases of emergency), ship channel (showing itinerary map and current location).

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