AIDAaura deck 3 plan

Deck layout and review

Review of AIDAaura deck 3

  • (Bikingstation) Bikes station is a storage room for the onboard Pedelecs (electric bicycles) and Segways.
  • (Tauchbasis) Dive Base is the storage room for snorkeling/diving equipment.
  • Gangway (passenger boarding areas) and Tenderpforten (ship-to-shore tendering areas)
  • The ship’s Hospital is operated by German doctors/nurses (on 24-hour duty), with primarily Germany-made drugs. Payments are made by the boarding pass (doubles as cabin key). Medical treatments are equivalent to a private doctor’s visit. Germany’s health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.
  • Unlike other AIDA ships, on its Tendering Deck, AIDA Aura has cruise cabins (from 3001 to 3006). All 6 of them are category MB-Oceanview rooms (with a porthole window).

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