Amera deck 14 plan (Prinsendam deck 5-Dolphin)

Deck layout and review

Review of Amera deck 14 (Prinsendam deck 5-Dolphin)

  • Staircase access to the ship’s infirmary on the lower deck
  • Atrium (3-decks high open-floor midship area with live music entertainment, featuring a sculpture of a fish, turtles and dolphins climbing a cylinder made of Bolle glass)
  • Stuyvesant Room (meeting room), also used for religious services, and for Club HAL kids activities (by the line’s complimentary youth program for children 3-7 yo and 8-12 yo)
  • Dolphin Deck cruise cabins from H400 to F495 of which Interior (categories M, MM, N-Standard; R-Single Inside) and Oceanview cabins (categories D, F, G and H-Large).

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