Blue Dream Melody deck 6 plan (Cabins-Kids)

Deck layout and review

Review of Blue Dream Melody deck 6 (Cabins-Kids)

Kids Club serves the AIDA Cruises children program. The program is complimentary and offers supervised, age-appropriate activities (scheduled morning, afternoon, evening activities), with up to 6 hours (port days) and 7 hours (sea days). The 3 age groups are Seahorses (3-6 yo), Dolphins (7-9 yo), and Sharks (10-11 yo). The list of kids' activities includes themed parties, scavenger/treasure hunts, storytelling, art-craft workshops, watching movies, Nintendo console gaming, sports competitions, trivia games. The Kids Club (stern location) has its own outdoor area with a paddling pool.

Internet stations with printers are located in the Reception/Lobby area. Internet prices are per minute. Internet packages can be purchased at the Reception (60 min, per hour, per day, or per week). Wi-Fi coverage is shipwide, including in all passenger rooms.

(Rezeption/Reiseservice) Reception & Travel Services Desk provides 24-hour guest assistance and information, Rossini dinner reservations, special food requests.

Cruise cabins from 6101 to 6252, of which Inside (category IA /most with 4 beds), and the rest are Oceanview (CA /4 beds, MA /3-4 beds, MB, MA-disabled, and MB-disabled, including 12 connecting cabins).