MS Crucevita deck 1 plan (Main-Restaurant-Spa)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Crucevita deck 1 (Main-Restaurant-Spa)

Aft are located staff and crew cabins and machinery rooms (propulsion, engines).

The fore-located Restaurant is a complimentary, single-seating capacity Dining Room for Breakfast (buffet-style), Lunch (buffet-style or 3-course and waiter-served), and Dinner (4-course and waiter-served). Vegan and vegetarian meals are available on request. The traditional Captain’s Dinner (once per voyage) is 5-course.

Adjacent to the Restaurant is the Galley (kitchen and storage rooms for beverages and food).

On Main Deck are also the ship's wellness facilities - Sauna Room and Fitness (Gym Room with modern equipment).

Cruise cabins from 200 to 229 are all Standard staterooms with non-opening windows.

Both cabin decks are interlinked via Lift (passenger elevator) and staircases (Atrium-midship, forward, and aft). A chairlift links Promenade Deck with Sun Deck.