MS Lady Diletta deck 1 plan (Accademia-Crew)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Lady Diletta deck 1 (Accademia-Crew)

The riverboat's wellness complex consists of a spacious Gym (with modern fitness equipment).

Aft on Accademia Deck are located staff and crew cabins, Mess Hall (crew dining room/bar lounge), and service areas (machinery rooms/engines, propulsion).

Cruise cabins from 101 to 121, all of which are Porthole staterooms with fixed windows (non-opening, quarter-height) located near the ceiling. Accademia Deck also houses 10x Single Cabins (located midship).

One Lift (midship-portside elevator) connects all cabin decks. All decks are interconnected via stairs (forward, midship and aft), including a grand staircase in the Atrium (between decks 2-3 / Rialto-San Marco).