National Geographic Islander 2 deck 2 plan (Seabreeze-Cabins-Lobby-Lido-Marina)

Deck layout and review

Review of National Geographic Islander 2 deck 2 (Seabreeze-Cabins-Lobby-Lido-Marina)

Forward and Aft stairs

self-service laundry room

Reception Desk in the Lobby provides 24-hour guest services, purser services, information, tours and excursions booking, spa reservations.

The Pantry (portside location) is the ship’s buffet restaurant open 24 hours. It operates as a self-service bistro. Here are offered specialty coffees and teas, wine bar (self-service), light food (snacks and pastries /all freshly baked).

Compass Room (starboard) is the wine bar. This is a reservation-only specialty dining venue for enjoying vintage wines, wine tasting events, food and wine pairings, private parties.

This superyacht features a submersible marina platform used for water sports activities. Among the aquatic equipment (“water toys” provided complimentary) are sea kayaks (2 types), water skis, jet skis (Skidoo), a wakeboard, scuba and snorkeling gear, fishing rods. There are also two Zodiacs (inflatable boats, 10-passenger capacity each) used for ship-to-shore transportation and on exploration/adventure tours. A 3-seat submarine (C-Explorer U Boat, capacity 1-pilot plus 2-passengers) is available for underwater exploration. The subaquatic expeditions are in 30 min sessions, and cost USD 600 per person. Additionally, the Esprit yacht has a 12-passenger 32-foot yacht tender (Wider) for special boating expeditions. The ship also provides complimentary bicycles for personal use ashore.

Note: The submersible and swim platforms are accessible from Marina Deck 1.

Cruise cabins from 201 to 222, of which the yacht’s only one Owner’s Suite (cabin #209 /starboard location), also both S4-Yacht Queen Suites (cabins #201-202 /forward location), two S3-Yacht King Suites (cabins #217-222 /aft location) and the rest are S2-Yacht King Suites.

Note: Hotel staff and crew cabins, all the crew facilities (lounge, dining room) and the ship’s infirmary (resident doctors and nurses on 24-hour duty).are located on Crew Deck 1.