Piano Land deck 4 plan (P&O Oriana deck4-G)

Deck layout and review

Review of Piano Land deck 4 (P&O Oriana deck4-G)

  • On Deck 4 is located Medical Center. The ship’s hospital is operated by resident doctors / physicians and nurses on 24-hour call duty. The infirmary is open between 8 am – 8 pm (doctor hours between 8-11 am and 3-6 pm). It is equipped with defibrillators, external pacemakers, pulse oximeters, an ECG (electrocardiograph machine), thrombolytic and lab equipment.
  • Treatments at the ship hospital are equivalent to a private doctor’s visit. All treatments, tests and medications are at extra charge. The only exception is Bonine (seasickness medication) also available for free at the lobby Reception (24 hours).
  • General (and UK) health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.
  • The ship’s physicians are independent contractors and render medical services at a customary fee. The basic fee doesn’t include medication, tests or treatments. Payments are made via the P&O Cruises Oriana boarding pass (cabin access / identification card, also storing your onboard account).
  • On G-Deck are also located staff and crew cabins, along with service facilities.