Stena Scandinavica ferry deck 8 plan (Lobby-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Stena Scandinavica ferry deck 8 (Lobby-Cabins)

TASTE Buffet (self-service buffet, hot and cold meals, kids menus)

C-VIEW Bar Lounge (panoramic)

Information Centre (Reception Desk)

Slot Machines

Pet area

Cruise cabins from 8100 to 8300, of which 2-berth / Twin Inside, 2-berth / Twin Outside, 3-berth / Triple Inside, 3-berth / Triple Outside, 4-berth / Quad Inside, 4-berth / Quad Outside, 2-berth Captain's Class Cabin, 2-berth Comfort Class Cabin, 5-berth Family Cabin Inside, 5-berth Family Cabin Outside.