Port Gothenburg (Sweden) partners in the H2AMN project

   September 1, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) has given the green light to a project known as H2AMN (hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol), aimed at examining the potential of Nordic ports to function as energy hubs within hydrogen-based energy system solutions.

Port Goteborg/Gothenburg (Sweden) is a collaborator in this SEK 20 million (EUR 1.7 million) project, spanning three years. Their involvement spans two of the seven work packages: one explores Gothenburg's role in a hydrogen society from a 2030/40 perspective, while the other delves into storage considerations.

Therese Jallbrink, Head of Renewable Energy at the Port of Gothenburg, explains that they are interested in the broader hydrogen landscape and its potential societal role. Additionally, they are investigating storage possibilities, including the examination of utilizing the port's on-site rock caverns for hydrogen or ammonia storage.

These caverns, initially constructed as energy reserves after World War 2, have a current capacity to hold up to 600,000m3 of crude oil. The port is exploring whether these resources could contribute to the energy transition, much like salt caverns in Germany and the Netherlands are being employed for hydrogen storage.

The Port of Gothenburg's near-future plans encompass establishing a smaller-scale hydrogen production facility by 2024. This facility, housing a small electrolyzer, is expected to generate around 4.5 to 5 MW of production capacity, resulting in approximately 2 tons of hydrogen daily. This hydrogen could serve a variety of purposes, such as potential applications within terminals, hydrogen-fueled vessels, or even providing power cells for onboard electricity.

The port is also considering collaborations with cruise lines to explore the feasibility of using this hydrogen. Statkraft, a Norwegian energy company, is in the process of obtaining licenses and making investment decisions for hydrogen production in the Port of Gothenburg, with a promising start anticipated in 2024.

Christoffer Lillhage, Senior Business Development Manager for Energy and Cruise at the port, emphasizes that this endeavor could provide a competitive edge for the Port of Gothenburg, catering to both cruise and cargo companies by offering alternative fuel options.