Best way to Cruise in Aegean Sea and Crete

   July 15, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Crete is an island whose fame has travelled all over the world over time. The island is an exemplary iconic destination for most international visitors in Greece. With incomparable beauty and plenty of things to see and do, you can be sure that there’s no other place in Greece for a great adventure. Taking Celestyal Cruises will take you to all these bucket list of Aegean hot spots with or without any hustle. Some of the hot spots you must make sure you have visited at least once in your lifetime.

We are here to create the experiences and you create the memories. Here you get the essence of what Celestyal Cruises offer. We want to make sure that your trip feels like a family trip, which means you get to know yourself personally and at the same time create a friendly and familiar atmosphere for your trips.

When you want to experience the most from the Greek islands, you should make sure you have a way of navigating through them with ease. Renting a car at Rental Center Crete is a wise decision because you will get covered and at the same time get the car you want at an affordable price. 

Most of the Cruises focused in Greek islands will offer an all round trip itineraries from Athens and you will find voyages that combine the best feels of Greece and Italy.

Best way to Cruise in Aegean Sea and Crete

Best time for Greek island cruises

The season in most of the Greek islands runs from May to October. However, the best time to visit most of them in July and August. Just bear in mind that temperatures in some of these islands can scale up to 100 degrees. If you don’t want to crush with other tourists, then the best time of the year to visit is June and September. September is also the grape harvest period at Santorini’s vineyard.

Greek Island Cruise Port Highlights

Well, if you want to have an easy time on the island, you can check some of the best whitewashed ports in the islands. Spend some time at the Heraklion Port which serves as the busiest and one of the biggest ports in the whole of Greece.

Greek island Cruise Tips

Prepare for the sun, the Greek islands are very hot. As a matter of fact, sometimes it can get up to 100 degrees. What this means is that you should protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen.

Some islands are crowded In Crete and other islands of Greece. You should be prepared for the crowd. This is especially the case during the high season. They are not packed with just the cruise passengers but also the rest of people including locals.

Be ready for price fluctuations-The fact is that the Greek economy has fluctuated over time and for this reason you should be prepared. The prices you see online when you are planning your trip might not be the same that you will find on the ground.

Be ready to tender

Tendering is the rule and not an exception in the Greek islands. Just bear in mind that most towns of Greek have cobblestoned streets and are also highly populated.

Here are some of the best small ship cruise lines that you can watch when you are visiting the Greek islands.

Sea Dream Yacht Club

Well, you must be among the 112 lucky guests to be able to set foot on the Yacht of Sea Dream. These yachts carry tourists with a laid-back al fresco style that gives you a nice chance to explore the sun-kissed Greek islands. They include the glamour destinations of Mykonos and Santorini. You also get a chance to visit the small Greek islands including rugged, the upmarket, island of Patmos and many others.

Windstar Cruises

These types of cruises are very common with first-time visitors. They are also a good match for people who prefer casual ambience on board. The cruises offer an opportunity to visit some of the best Mediterranean’s small ships.

Crystal Cruises

Here is another one of the best cruises in the world. The cruise features all that you have been looking for. It features an all-inclusive product that includes a world-class restaurant and very personalized services.