130 crew leave Coronavirus cruise ship Costa Atlantica in Nagasaki Japan

   May 5, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

A group of nearly 130 Filipino and other crew left a CSSC-Carnival China-owned cruise ship docked in Japan for their home countries on Tuesday, May 5, after they tested negative for COVID-19. According to Nagasaki's prefectural government, the group includes 125 Filipino crew. The nationality of the others has not been disclosed.

149 out of 623 crew on Costa Atlantica (currently docked for repairs at Mitsubishi's plant in Nagasaki Japan) have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Some of them were hospitalized with severe symptoms. There are no passengers onboard.

Of all its the (from 30+ countries, mostly Asian), those who tested negative started disembarking on Sunday, May 3, while ~400 remained onboard.