Construction of new cruise pier in St Johns Antigua moving ahead

   June 13, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

The construction of  Port St John's Antigua's new cruise pier (5th) is still progressing, despite the global pandemic's impact. The port operator GPH (Global Ports Holding) recently issued an update by contractor company Meridian Construction Ltd, that except the brief suspension of wors during the first 10 days of the government curfew and a number of manufacturer delays, the majority of the project components are on schedule.

David Corbella (Principal Marine Engineer at GPH) said that the project is ~60% complete, though a "slight delay" is expected. As of March 31, 2020, the project was on schedule. However, government curfews forced the team to suspend works for a few days and take precautionary measures.

Adjustments were made to crew shifts and reductions in the working personnel.

Port of St Johns (Antigua)

In February 2019, GPH (Global Ports Holding / 2004-founded, UK-based company, world's largest cruise port operator) signed a 30-year exclusive concession deal with Antigua and Barbuda for cruise port management and retail shopping operations.

Currently, Port Saint Johns Antigua has a max capacity of 4 large-sized ships at a time. Most cruise liners are berthed at Heritage Quay pier.