Pulau Sumbawa Island (Sumbawa Besar, Indonesia)

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-8.49448 S, 117.42339 E

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Pulau Sumbawa is an island in Indonesia, situated in the middle of Lesser Sunda Islands chain, featuring Flores to the east, Lombok to the west, and Sumba further located to the southeast. Pulau Sumbawa is part of the West Nusa Tenggara province, but there are steps being taken by the government to turn the isle into separate province. Traditionally Sumbawa is famous as the source of sappanwood (to make red dye), honey and sandalwood. The savanna-like climate and extensive grassland is used to breed cattle and horses and to hunt deer.

Pulau Sumbawa Island has an area of 15,448 km2 (5,965 ml2), including minor offshore isles, 3 times the size of Lombok with a population of around 1.39 million people (January 2014 estimate). Sumbawa marks the boundary between the isles to the west (influenced by culture and religion spreading from India), and the area to the east which was less influenced. This applies to both Islam and Hinduism.

Sumbawa Island lies within the so called Pacific Ring of Fire. It's a volcanic island, on which Mount Tambora exploded in April 1815. This was the most destructive volcanic eruption in contemporary history (roughly 4 times larger than the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, between Sumatra and Java, in terms of volume of ejected magma). The eruption killed nearly 72,000 people. It also destroyed a culture of Southeast Asian affinity, popular as Tambora culture. The eruption launched 100 km3 (24 ml3) of ash into upper atmosphere, which caused 1816 to be called the "year without a summer".

A of the Pulau Sumbawa Island residents are at risk of starvation every time crops fail because of lack of rainfall. The major part of the population is engaged in agriculture. Tourism is nascent, with several surf spots famous for being world class, Supersuck and Jelenga Beaches close to the mine, as well as Lakey Beach in  Gulf of Cempi.

Owing to the mine, Sumbawa Barat Regency, along with Jakarta and other distant mining towns, feature Indonesia's highest GDP per capita rates. Sumbawa Barat's is 156 million rupiah (US$17,170) as of 2010, yet it's an area which sees severe malnutrition in kids and repeated starvation deaths.

Frequent ferry service from Lombok to Sumbawa (Poto Tano) exists, but ferry service from Sape to Flores is infrequent. The largest city on Sumbawa, Bima, has bus and ferry service directly to Bali and Java, though service breakdowns are usual.

Highlights: Badas, Pamalung village , Sultan's Palace

Pulau Sumbawa Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Sumbawa Island dock (anchor) at Sumbawa Besar - port city on the northern coast.

Ferry transportation is available between the Labuhan Lombok ferry port (on Lombok Island's east coast) to port Poto Tano (on Sumbawa Island). The Indonesian company Pelni Shipping Line serves a nation-wide network of vehicular and passenger ferry services throughout the whole archipelago. The Pelni Line's offices are in Ampenan (port to Mataram, Lombok Island).

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23 May, 2018
Small Cruise Lines Cruises cruise lineStar Clipper Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok, Indonesia

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