Thasos Island (Greece)

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Thasos Island cruise port

Mediterranean - Black Sea

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06:49 21 Jul 2018

40.78024 N, 24.70560 E

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Thasos (Thassos) is a Greek island, part of North Aegean Sea, but administratively part of Kavala regional unit. The island covers a total area of approx 380,097 km2 (146,756 ml2) and has a population of around 13,770 people (2011 census).

  • Thasos island is situated in the northern Aegean sea approx 7 km (4 ml) from the northern mainland and 20 km (12 ml) south-east of Kavala, and is of rounded shape, without significant peninsulas or deep bays. The terrain is mountainous, not particularly rugged, and gradually rising from coast to centre. Ypsario (Ipsario) is the highest peak, at 1,205 m (3,953 ft), east of central part of the island. Pine forest covers much of the eastern slopes of Thasos Island.
  • Thasos is the northernmost island of Greece, and the 12th largest by area. The name of the largest town and capital is also Thasos (officially Limenas Thasou, "Port of Thasos"), located at the northern side, opposite mainland and about 10 km (6 ml) from Keramoti. The isle of Thassos is famous from ancient times for its termae making it a balneoclimateric resort area.
  • The economy of Thasos Island relies on timber (as it is rich in forests), olive oil, honey and marble quarries. Tourism has also become a major industry since the 1960s, though not to the level of other islands in Greece.
  • The capital city of Thasos is served by a ferry route to/from Keramoti near Kavala International Airport. It offers the shortest possible crossing to Thasos Island. Scala Prinos 20 km (12,4 ml) south of the city is served by a ferry route to/from Kavala.

Thasos Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Thasos Island dock (anchor) at Limenas Thasou - port town on the northern coast.

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