Trevoux (France)

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Trevoux cruise port

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23:17 21 Jul 2018

45.94572 N, 4.77498 E

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Trevoux is a commune in Ain department, eastern France. Its inhabitants are known as Trevoltiens. Trevoux is a suburb of Lyon, created on the steeply sloping left bank of Saone River. It has a total area of 5.71 km2 (2.20 ml2) and a population of around 6,700 inhabitants (2012 census).

  • The treaty of Verdun divided Charlemagne empire in AD 943. Saone River became the frontier between the Empire and France. Due to this border location Trevoux gained particular political status. From the 13th century, Trevoux river toll became of huge importance, and the town built walls and a castle.
  • On June 30, 1417 the local baron issued a decree that allowed the local Jewish population to keep on studying Talmud, contrary to a decision taken in January 1417 in Chambery as a result of which many Jewish books had been burned.
  • The French king Francois I confiscated Dombes region and established a parliament for the region in Lyon in 1523. At the end of 17th century, two sovereign princes, Duchess of Montpensier Anne-Marie Louise of Orleans, known as "la Grande Mademoiselle", along with her successor duke of Maine Louis-Auguste of Bourbon, raised a couple of monuments, still notable in Trevoux' landscape - the Palace of the Dombes Parliament and the Montpensier hospital.
  • Dombes region fell to Bourbons in 1560. Trevoux became rich as the capital city of Dombes principality and seat of parliament (1697-1771). At this time the town is also popular for a dictionary, printed here from 1704 to 1771 by Jesuits.
  • Thee principality of Dombes was absorbed into France in 1762. Until 1926 the town was Ain's sub-prefecture. From the end of 19th century until 1950s, Trevoux was a global capital of synthetic diamonds' manufacture.
  • Trevoux was the birthplace of writer and landscape gardener Francois-Marie Treyve (1847–1906) who designed the park of Celestins in Vichy and formed the Etablissements Treyve-Marie (1881), as well as of historian Arthur Giry (1848–1899).

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