Royal Caribbean All You Can Drink Packages

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Royal Caribbean all-you-can-drink package - how much does it cost, what is included in it, reviews. Royal Caribbean have rolled fleet-wide unlimited drink packages with alcohol included in these most special RCL all-inclusive cruise deals. This is simply another hit episode from the Royal Caribbean vs Carnival Cruise Lines fun-action packed saga. And you can compare Carnival and Royal Caribbean alcohol package deals at this survey about the Carnival Cheers program/all-you-can drink package gaining more and more popularity among the CCL fleet.

  1. Unlimited alcohol packages are truly without limits - no daily caps (how many drinks you can get). The only "limitation" is the soda fountain cups (that each package receives). Because refils are done at automated (self-serve) machines, the limit is once every 10-15 minutes. (to prevent abuse of the machines).
  2. In all beverage packages gratuity (18%) is included. The receipt shows the base package price plus "service charge" (covering the gratuities). Adding additional gratuity is always optional.
  3. (NEW) Not everyone in the cabin must purchace a drink package. Initially, there was a rule requiring every adult in the stateroom to purchase the unlimited alcohol package.
  4. Sharing drink packages is not allowed.  If you get caught sharing a drink package, the package will most probably be canceled without refund. Still, if you buy a bottle of wine, you are allowed to share it.
  5. Buying drink packages on the first (embarkation) day is not mandatory. However, there must be at least 4 days left in the RCI cruise for the option to purchase drink packages later. This means on a 7-night itinerary you can buy a drink package on day 2 or 3 and pay only for the remaining days.

Since June 2018, RCI ship bars serve cocktails with optional plastic straws (not by default) - a new policy aiming to reduce sea pollution. "Why no straws?" signs at onboard bars fleetwide now indicate that drink orders will not automatically receive a straw, but only upon request.

Royal Caribbean alcohol package cost

  • The Royal Caribbean Classic drinks package includes house wines (by the glass), all beers (under $6,25 each), all non-alcoholic cocktails, fountain sodas, juices. The Classic beverage package cost is $45 per day per guest.
  • The Royal Caribbean Premium drinks package is an all-inclusive alcohol included package featuring all of the above, plus frozen drinks and all cocktails with premium brands. The Premium beverage package cost is $55 per day per passenger.
  • RCCL all-inclusive beverage packages are currently available on itineraries sailing 4 nights or longer, their prices are inclusive of gratuities and you won't have to pay more, unless you desire to do so. It's required to be purchased on the 1st day of the voyage, and also by all adult guests in the same stateroom (21 years of age or older). This rule is presumably enacted to prevent guests from sharing drinks.

Royal Caribbean all-you-can-drink package alcohol inclusive

Royal Caribbean "all-you-can-drink" package concept

Royal Caribbean unlimited alcohol packages can be pre-purchased on-line (prior to sailing) via the RCI website (log in, go to "My Cruises", find the "Alcoholic Beverage Packages" link).

The testing of the new Royal Caribbean alcohol packages started with the world's biggest ships from the RCCL fleet - Allure and Oasis, promoting the idea of paying one price for unlimited Bar drinks services per day. Sometimes, RCCL offers a complimentary Premium beverage package as a bonus for booking higher category cabins on some of the Royal Caribbean Transatlantic repositioning cruises (if you book a balcony stateroom and above). Know that these offers do not apply to group bookings.

Royal Caribbean drink packages cost (unlimited beverages)

Royal Caribbean offers new drink package deals on all RCI cruises. The new packages differ greatly from the old ones. The huge difference is that if only one of all guests in the cabin wants to purchase an unlimited package, he/she absolutely can, and this is without forcing other adults in the room to do so. Until this new "beverage package policy", if only one guest in the stateroom wanted an unlimited beverage package, then all adult passengers in the same room would have to purchase one too.

Royal Caribbean drink packages with unlimited alcohol included

The four new Royal Caribbean beverage packages prices (details pictured above) range from USD 20 to USD 65 per day per passenger. These are daily fixed-cost drink plans designed to better budget the onboard beverage spending and to save money. All these plans provide unlimited drinks that can be ordered at any ship bar or restaurant on any RCI ship, as well as at the company's private island resorts. The only exceptions where a beverage package can't be used are the cabin's mini-bar and the room service.

Drink packages are available via the SeaPass cards (or the new WOWbands on newest ships), through which any of the serving staff (waiters and bartenders) can verify the package. These drink plans can be purchased either prior to sailing (via Cruise Planner) or while on the ship. Once purchased, passengers pay for the package for the full duration of the cruise.  If purchased on board, passengers pay for the remaining days of the cruise. And here they are - the very special names and feature inclusions:

Royal Replenish Package

The cheapest one is the "Royal Replenish Package" (cost USD 22,42 pp, pricing inclusive of gratuity) - all non-alcoholic beverages, coffee is included. As items, this package includes: Coca-Cola Souvenir Cup, fountain soda, non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water (volume 500 ml), sparkling water (volume 375 ml), fresh-squeezed juices, Premium coffees / teas.

Select Package

The "Select Package" (cost USD 42 pp, pricing inclusive of gratuity) - included are unlimited beer, wine by the glass, non-alcoholic cocktails, Fountain Soda, Coca-Cola Souvenir Cup, juices, plus 20% discount pricing on bottled wines.

Premium Package

The "Premium Package" (cost USD 57 pp, pricing inclusive of gratuity) - included are unlimited wines by the glass, beer, premium cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), Fountain Soda, Coca-Cola Souvenir Cup, juices, bottled water (volume 500 ml), plus 20% discount pricing on bottled wines.

Ultimate Package

And the most expensive is the "Ultimate Package" (cost USD 67 pp, pricing inclusive of gratuity). Included are unlimited alcohol and beverages - fine wines by the glass, beer, premium cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), Fountain Soda, Coca-Cola Souvenir Cup, juices, bottled water (volume 500 ml), sparkling water (volume 375 ml), plus 20% discount pricing on (bottled wines under $100) and 40% discount (on bottled wines above $100).

Royal Caribbean beverage packages tips and tricks

  • Souvenir cups (alcoholic beverages, not Coca-Cola cups) are not included in any of the packages. They cost extra ($10) with the alcoholic drink.
  • Don't forget - these are prices PP, for each day of your RCI vacation, must be purchased for the whole cruise duration. Know, that occasionally (on select sailings), RCI offers drink package discounted pricing.  Almost all such discount deals are offered prior to sailing and via Cruise Planner.
  • Occasionally, Royal Caribbean offers pre-cruise discount pricing on some beverage packages purchased online (pre-cruise) via "Cruise Planner". These are promo sales which tend occur once every few weeks, so be sure to check the website ( for updates.
  • If you've already pre-purchased beverage packages, you are also entitled to take advantage of price drops (better discount) later. Just cancel the online purchase and then re-purchase the package under the promotion.

All these beverage packages are absolutely far from cheap, but also absolutely all inclusive. Alcohol, or just sodas and coffee-tea - it's up to you, like always.

(NEW) Unlimited drink packages 2017-2018

In early September 2016, RCI rolled out new drink packages available fleetwide:

Deluxe Beverage Package

"Deluxe Beverage Package" costs USD 55 per person per day (gratuities not included). With the Deluxe package are offered unlimited alcohol (cocktails, beers, wines), also non-alcoholic drinks, premium coffees and teas, bottled water. By purchasing the Deluxe package, passengers are entitled to the following additional discounts : 40% off on wine bottles priced under USD 100 per bottle, and 20% off on wine bottles priced above USD 100. All package-included beverages can be priced up to USD 12 per drink (USD 13 on Oasis-class ships). For beverages priced over USD 12 (13), a credit is applied towards the beverage for paying the balance.

Note 1: RCI's unlimited alcohol package covers individual drinks priced up to USD 12-13 (depending on the cruise ship). However, drinks priced above that threshold can also be ordered. The difference will be charged to your SeaPass account.

Note 2: By the RCI's aunlimited alcohol package you can get drinks at any of the onboard specialty restaurants, as well as at any of the ship's bars. You can also order unlimited wine (served by the glass) at dinner in MDRs (main dining rooms) and in all specialty restaurants.

Royal Refreshment Package

"Royal Refreshment Package" ("soda card" option) costs USD 26 per person per day (gratuities not included). The "unlimited soda package" includes Fountain Soda, non-alcoholic beverages-cocktails, bottled water (500 ml), sparkling water (375 ml), fresh-squeezed juices, premium coffee-tea, Coca-Cola Souvenir Cup. The souvenir cup can be used (on select ships) at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines (touch-screen soda fountain).

  • Royal Caribbean defines as "premium" coffees cappuccino, espresso and latte. Espresso-based beverages are included in "Royal Refreshment" and available at any shipboard venue (restaurant, bar, cafe) serving espresso.
  • "Royal Refreshment" on non-Oasis class ships includes Illy or Starbucks drinks (available at Cafe Promenade and Cafe Latte-Tudes).
  • "Royal Refreshment" on Oasis-class ships doesn't include drinks from Starbucks kiosk, so premium coffees-teas are available only at Cafe Promenade and Park Cafe.
  • Unlike the Deluxe package, "Royal Refreshment" doesn't require the other passengers in the cabin to buy it too.

Classic Soda Package

"Classic Soda Package" costs USD 8,50 per person per day (gratuities not included). It is inclusive of unlimited fountain soda and free Coca-Cola souvenir cup.

Evian Bottled Water Package

"Evian Bottled Water Package" has 2 available options (prices PP, gratuity not included): USD 39 (12x 1L bottles of "evian Natural Spring Water") and USD 69 (24x 1L "evian Natural Spring Water").

Royal Caribbean unlimited beverage packages tips

  • Since September 6, 2016, all these new packages are available for booking via "Cruise Planner" (at
  • Pre-purchased (already booked) older packages were honored as follows: "Select Package" (until depleted), "Premium Package" (upgraded to "Deluxe" for free), "Ultimate Package" (converted to "Deluxe") and "Replenish Package" (converted to "Refreshment").
  • In September 2016, RCI announced explicitly that Starbucks beverages are not part of the line's drink packages that include specialty coffes. Starbucks drinks are available (for purchasing) at the licenced Starbucks kiosks on board.
  • Keep in mind, that these packages are priced daily. This means on 7-night itineraries, you get charged 7 times (package's daily rate plus tips). This also means passengers can use the package on both embarkation and disembarkation days.
  • Drink package discounts are offered if they are purchased before the voyage (via Cruise Planner). Purchasing it online saves money.
  • Currently, RCI requires all passengers booked in the same stateroom to buy the Deluxe (unlimited alcohol) package. This change was announced in Ocober 2017 and implemented for all cruise bookings for 2018 and beyond. The company's official statement says, quate,  "each adult of legal drinking age assigned to the same stateroom must purchase this package". The only exclusions to this rule are pregnant women, recovering alcoholics and adults who don't consume alcohol due to personal preference, medical or religious reasons. IMPORTANT: This rule is for the "Deluxe Beverage Package" only and doesn't apply to other packages.
  • Sharing drinks on any unlimited drink package is prohibited.

RCI's new package inclusions and prices are also pictured below (Cruise Planner scan).

"Deluxe" (unlimited alcohol) package tips

  1. Buy it online. It will save you time as the onboard purchase (on embarkation day only) means long lines some paperwork. It will save you money as discounts are offered for purchasing the package prior to the voyage. The price will be guaranteed as it is possible to increase.  If the price drops before the voyage, you can always cancel the purchase and rebook the package - without penalty.
  2. Remember that the Deluxe package also includes unlimited bottled water. You can stockpile the bottles in your cabin and using the water on shore tours. With any alcoholic drink order you can ask for bottled water as part of the same order.
  3. Remember, that when you order an alcoholic drink, you are alowed to specify the liquor - among several (higher quality) liquor brands.
  4. Most RCI specialty restaurants have their own wines and cocktails menus created specifically for that restaurant - and often not available elsewhere onboard. Since the Deluxe (unlimited drink) package works at all restaurants, you can order drinks from their cocktail and wine menus too. Among those restaurants are Sabor Mexican, Jamie's Italian, 150 Central Park, Wonderland.
  5. Don't share the package with other passengers. You risk your drink package benefits to be revoked (without refund).
  6. RCI adds 18% gratuity ("service fee") listed in the drink order's breakdown. With the Deluxe package, all these gratuities are already paid, so you have no obligation to provide additional tips.
  7. Remember that you can use the unlimited alcohol packages at both Royal Caribbean private island destinations - Coco Cay Bahamas and Labadee Haiti. To order drinks there, all you need is to show your SeaPass card to the staff.
  8. Souvenir cups are not included with any of the RCI's drink packages.
  9. The Deluxe package also includes premium teas and coffees (espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc).
  10. You have also the option to buy the Deluxe package onboard at any point in the voyage - as long as there are 4 or more days left in it.
  11. The only plase on the cruise ship where the unlimited drink package can't be used is your stateroom. It doesn't include room service or any of the minibar beverages. Still, it is allowed to bring bar-ordered drinks back to your cabin.

(NEW) bottled alcohol packages 2017-2018

Since March 2017, RCI offers two new bottled alcohol packages as cabin delivery options. Both are avalable for online prepurchasing (prior to the cruise). The online Royal Gifts shop added the new packages offering 1 bottle of liquor combined with canned Coca-Cola drinks.

  • The "Absolut Vodka & Sprite Package" costs USD 38 and includes one bottle Absolut Vodka (375 ml) combined with four Sprite cans.
  • The "Johnnie Walker & Coca-Cola Package" costs USD 45 and includes one bottle Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey (375 ml) combined with four Coca-Cola cans.
  • The "Bacardi Gold & Coca-Cola Package" costs USD 40 and includes one bottle Bacardi Gold Rum (375 ml) combined with four Coca-Cola cans.
  • The "Bombay Sapphire & Tonic Package" costs USD 43 and includes one bottle Bombay Sapphire Gin (375 ml) combined with four Tonic water cans.
  • Note: Either of these alcohol packages can be purchased online (prior to the cruise) and are delivered to your stateroom upon embarkation.
  • Note: As of March 2017, the above bottled alcohol packages are not available on the following RCI ships - Explorer, Mariner, Ovation, Quantum, Radiance, Splendour, Vision and Voyager.

(NEW) combined VOOM Internet and drinks packages

In the end of May 2017, RCI added a new Internet and soda combo package available for purchasing online. The combo package's both inclusions are ulimited - soft drinks and the internet.

  • The package is named "Classic Soda And VOOM One Device".
  • The unlimited soda+Internet package costs USD 19 per person per day.
  • The soda+Internet package can be pre-purchased online (prior to the voyage) via RCI's "Cruise Planner".
  • The combo is cheaper when compared to the separately priced unlimited drinks (USD 8,50) plus unlimited VOOM (USD 14,39), or combined price USD 22,89 pp per day.

The other RCI combo package is named "Deluxe Beverage Package and VOOM One Device". It combines unlimited alcohol package with unlimited Internet package. This unlimited alcohol+Internet package costs USD 54 per person per day.

Note: These packages are more like promotions than regularly offered cruise package deals. It is advisable to book them once spotted as they may disappear quickly. Don't forget that all RCI online purchases (via Cruise Planner) can be canceled prior to the voyage's start.

(NEW) combined drinks and dining package

In August 2017, RCI introduced a new package that combines "Deluxe Beverage Package" with "Ultimate Dining Package". The combo offer includes:

  • unlimited drinks (coffee, bottled water, sodas, juices, spirits, beer and wine by the glass)
  • 40% discount on bottles of wine (priced under USD 100) with specialty restaurants dining
  • 20% discount on bottles of wine (priced above USD 100) with specialty restaurants dining
  • specialty restaurants dinners (every night)
  • specialty restaurants lunches (on sea days)
  • USD 50 bonus (added as onboard credit) for a la carte priced restaurants dining
  • The "Deluxe Beverage and Ultimate Dining" package cost is USD 71 pp (adult) per day.
  • Note: For now, the food+drinks package is offered only on Oasis-class ships.

Are Royal Caribbean cruise drink packages worth It?

These packages do save money (compared to buying a la carte priced drinks), but the amount of savings depeends on how much you inted to drink daily. However, there is this drink package phenomenon where you start drinking more than you normally would.

  • Short cruises present a better option to really enjoy the package's benefits. Also, shorter itineraries (3-4-5- days) tend to offer more party-like atmosphere compared to longer ones.
  • Spending more onboard time by the swimming pool is another reason to consider purchasing a beverage plan.
  • RCI's drink package drinks provide the convenience to enjoy unlimited drinks with budgeting (paying) in advance, without worrying about their cost (no receipts, additional tipping), the opportunity to try new cocktails without the fear of "wrong choices".
  • On all RCI ships are offered daily drink specials (promotions called "drink of the day") with discounted pricing about 20% off.
  • Crown and Anchor Society members (loyalty program) are eligible to discount-priced and complimentary beverages during the voyage. Diamond and above members get free lounge drinks in the evenings (5 - 8:30 pm) during the so called "Diamond Happy Hour". Drinks include vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, port wine, vermouth, liqueurs, beers, soda, bottled water (500 ml).
  • Also, according to RCI's beverage policy, passengers are allowed to bring on the ship up to 2 wine bottles per cabin.
  • Royal Caribbean's discounts on drink packages (while onboard) are for loyalty program members only. Discounted prices (as percentage) are 20% off (Diamond status), 30% off (Diamond Plus status), 40% off (Pinnacle status). However, these percentages may vary.
  • Remember, that you can buy a beverage package even after the cruise starts - with minimum of 4 days until the end of it.

Royal Caribbean drink cards

Drink cards on RCI cruise ships were introduced in 2015, as an alternative to the line's beverage packages. Beverage cards are available for purchasing only  on the ship. The purchase can be made at almost any lounge or bar. Each card (named "10 Drinks Savings Card") must be paid in full and can be immediately used it at any onboard bar, lounge or restaurant.  For each ordereed drink, to indicate it was used the waiter (bartender) marks off one of the listed on the card's bottom numbers.

  • RCI's drink cards cover much of the regular beverage package inclusions - most beers, wine (by the glass), cocktails (including with alcohol), fountain sodas, specialty coffees/teas, fresh-squeezed juices.
  • Gratuities are included. Not included are any of the mini-bar items, also canned and bottled beverages (soda, juices), souvenir glasses, premium beers and other high-priced beverages.
  • Drink card's price varies by ship and itineraries, ranging between USD 70 and 90 per card. Its cost is charged to the guest's SeaPass account (WOWband). The cards are non-refundable.
  • Strangely, there is no a certain way to know when these cards will be available on the current sailing. They tend to become available on different days, including on the last day only. Each ship has the option to offer different drink package or card deals, so it's not sure if drink cards will be available on a particular cruise, or when and at what cost per card.
  • Main difference between the Royal Caribbean's drink card and any beverage package is that unlike the packages, the cards are shareable.
  • Are the RCI's drink cards worth it? If you take the USD 90 (highest priced) drink card, it will cost you USD 9 per drink (tips included). Currently, most cocktails on the RCI ships cost between USD 10-12 (prices not inclusive of gratuity).
  • Starbucks coffee cards are available for purchasing on select ships, and for use at "Starbucks at Sea" locations only. The Starbucks coffee card includes 15 Starbucks beverages for USD 30 per card. Its value is for the current cruise only. The card is shareable. On RCI ships without dedicated Starbucks kiosks (all excepting the Oasis class), the line's unlimited drink packages "Royal Replenish" and "Ultimate" (all-inclusive) can be used for paying Starbucks beverages. Those ships serve Starbucks coffee beverages at the "Cafe Promenade" lounge bar (former Latte-tudes). Quantum-class ships serve Starbucks coffee drinks at the "La Patisserie" bar.
  • Note: In September 2016, RCI announced explicitly that Starbucks beverages are not part of the line's drink packages that include specialty coffes. Starbucks drinks are available (for purchasing) at the licenced Starbucks kiosks on board.

RCI Water Package

Royal Caribbean passengers can purchase bottled water sets in 8, 12, 16 and 24 bottles. Evian brand water comes with Sports Cap - each bottle is one liter. Evian Water Package will cost you from $28.45 per day per person. Right after you purchase a water package, water will be delivered on the requested date to your stateroom. Water packages include set bottles' number, unlike other drink packages. These are not available for unlimited bottles packages. If you purchase water package you'll be offered a discount compared to onboard buying water individually. Royal Caribbean promised savings up to 35%, depending on the purchased water bottles quantity.

RCI Soda Package

Royal Caribbean soda packages provide guests with unlimited refills - take advantage at any of the lounges and bars onboard as well as the private islands and Main Dining Rooms. Guests also receive a Coca-Cola cup souvenir with the package. Fountain soda package's cost is determined by your cruise length. The average daily cost is $4.50 for kids, $6.50 for adults, plus gratuity. Soda packages allow passengers to use Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines onboard select ships. After you purchase a soda package, you'll have an icon placed on the SeaPass card, indicating to the ship staff that you've purchased the package.

RCI Juice Packages

Royal Caribbean offers Minute Maid brand unlimited juice packages in varieties of quantities and flavors for those who want healthy drinks. You may buy at a time 6, 8 or 12 bottles, 15 ounces each. Royal Caribbean juice package costs from $20.15 per day per person. Available are the following flavors: Ruby red grapefruit juice, Apple juice, orange juice, variety Pack (divided equally among the three above choices). When ordered online, Juice Packages are placed in guest's stateroom on the requested date, and when purchased onboard - delivered within 24 hours. RCCL promised savings up to 25%, depending on the purchased water bottles quantity.

Royal Caribbean alcohol packages reviews

(our top-best RCCL unlimited drinks program reviews choices)

  • "I can't drink enough to make such a package financially viable"
  • "we bought a package and definitely didn't break even. Plus it is really expensive, I think paying by the drink is better".
  • "it's the wine that is very expensive on RC - prices by the glass start from 8 euros plus tips for a Californian chardonnay" (RCI wine list prices)
  • "I like the idea of all-inclusiveness, and I'm lucky to be able to afford it"
  • "LOL My name is X and I am an alcoholic"
  • "on a classic 7-day itinerary, that's an extra $315/$385 PP - yes, it's a decent price for my specially themed Royal Caribbean "booze package cruise" :)".
  • "Personally, I think offering all inclusive alcohol packages encourage lots of drinking (more drunks), which is good for profit and bad for health. Anyone spending this much on booze feel obligated to drink more than what they would normally consume.
  • "The package benefits only those who drink alot, but it's also good to keep a lid on your drinking expenses. You set your drinking budget ahead in time - I mean, when you're a sober, which is very practical".
  • "It's a affordable way to stay pretty inebriated for the cruise".
  • Integrated with Royal Caribbean drinks prices and the Royal Caribbean new menu/main dining room.

Royal Caribbean beverage package deals - is it worth it?

Note: All table prices are in USD, and suggestive (rounded to a dollar). The below comparison is based on the RCI's "Premium" beverage package (cost USD 55 PP per day).

BeveragesPer drink price (tips inclusive)15 drinks cost (regular prices)15 drinks (savings per day)Number of drinks to break even (per day)
American beers$690359
Import beers$5822710