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Order alcohol from Carnival cruise Bon Voyage, liquor list with prices - your ultimate "Carnival Fun Shop Liquor" source! Since our last update of the menu we also have here the list of all Carnival Bon Voyage gifts, packages and services that guests can pre-purchase through the Carnival Cruise Lines Bon Voyage department/store, including "Cruise Cash" (bar/photo credits), flowers, cakes, fruit baskets, cookies & chocolate delights, "Special Occasions" gifts (Wedding/Honeymoon/Birthday/Anniversary packages), bags, T-shirts, hats, boys/girls/teens gifts - and the amazing Carnival Stateroom Decorations kits. Enjoy it!

Carnival Bon Voyage liquor prices changes, cruise customer/consumer reviews

Carnival Bon Voyage

We just need this info in a separate topic since Carnival lines have made yet another "price correction" on the Fun Shop liquor prices. Some of the new prices are still good, though. A 12 yo scotch from $75 now is $80. And it's a litre bottle - with 16-20 pours it's still way cheaper than the $7-8 a drink at the ship's bars. Our Carnival liquor prices reviews that follow all belong to Funville forum users. To avoid duplicate content, we've changed some of the comments, but the general idea stays the same - they are so far away from being "Carnival happy" and content customers. It just so happens when you increase the price of the "booze fun" at sea.

NOTE: As of January 2018 Carnival Cruise Line added a 15% delivery fee to any items purchased from line's Fun Shops before passengers cruise. According to a note on the web page where Carnival customers can order gifts, “Fun Shops purchases are subject to a 15% delivery fee.” However, it does not apply to all purchases, or even some of the most popular items guests would want to buy in advance from the shops. Things which are not charged the fee include drink packages, both Bottomless Bubbles and Cheers!, Cruise Cash, internet and water packages. The delivery fee does not apply to any liquor packages bought onboard which passengers intend to carry home at the end of the cruise. The charge is added when, after having made the Fun Shops selections, guests make the actual purchase.

  • (March 2013) CCL renamed their retail section from "Bon Voyage" to "The Fun Shops". Along with the name they changed their prices as well. On most items they've increased prices from 20 to 40%. Some of the "most expensive" examples are the 9" BV Cakes (from $9,95 to $14), the "Fruit Supreme" basket ($39 to $50), and most of the liquor is up by 10-15% on average.
  • (June 2013) the most recent "Carnival liquor price" update shows they are souring up again - the most "extravagant" cases show up to a 25% increase.
  • "This is so not good!"
  • "I hope the onboard alcohol prices stay the same."
  • "wow, I just saw them (alcohol prices), they are high! And the old prices were high enough"
  • "I saw the new prices earlier today, too bad they don't sell Cheers on all cruises. It seems to me Carnival is pushing people towards the Cheers package. I recommend you boozing up in ports, especially in Cozumel."
  • "I just feel like I should at least be hugged and kissed if I buy one of those expensive bottles! With the Carnival booze cruise prices jumping like that, I may end up remembering most of my vacations lol"
  • "I'm doing all-inclusive resort vacation next time. Cruising is getting too expensive."
  • "Wow my BV bottle just went up from $40 to $65! Price is surely higher, but still much cheaper compared to the $400 pp Cheers alcohol package."
  • "To increase liquor prices like that - it's just ridiculous! Now Carnival almost seems like a Gov run company. All big cruise ship lines have the cheapest booze as purchase price, and they use it to improve profits, but this is too much now."
  • "Wow, Bon Voyage alcohol purchases must have been eating into ship bar profits. Now the Cheers package is a gold mine."
  • "In the past, I purchased my drinks from Carnival. Now with these prices I'll buy a drink here & there, but mostly will drink in ports."
  • "I don't drink liquor, so I don't give a damn."
  • "Well, there's still a small chance this to be a computer glitch on their website. I hope they'll fix it real soon."

Carnival Bon Voyage liquor prices are in US dollars, both per bottle and per glass (1,5 fl oz, 45 ml). The list of Bon Voyage services, besides ordering alcohol to be delivered to your cabin on arrival (first day) also includes special order offers - gifts, photo and bar credits (the new Carnival cruise coupons), special occasion packages and stateroom decorations, flowers, fine wines and champagne, fruit/cheese assortments, plus a great variety of Carnival branded merchandise.Carnival Bon Voyage liquor list prices

According to most of the Carnival alcohol prices reviews on-line, the Bon Voyage/Fun Shop alcohol prices are about 2-3 times higher compared to those you would normally pay in your local liquor store onshore, but the savings you'll make onboard with this option make them well worth the purchase. While these prices may somehow seam a little bit over the edge, this service is a very convenient option to start your Fun Ship vacation in style and with a big smile. The Bon Voyage alcohol ordering will save you a good money by not buying alcohol on board. Most of the liquor brands are in 33,8 fl oz (1L) bottles, which makes these "alcohol packages" quite a good deal. And remember, the limit is 2 bottles per cabin (see this for the Carnival Cheers booze cruise package).

Carnival Bon Voyage liquor list, Fun Shop alcohol prices

  • All prices below are not tax inclusive.
  • The Bon Voyage alcohol choices do occasionally change.
  • The review of the Bon Voyage alcohol prices shows they are not cheap at all - no doubt about it. But they are still a good "booze cruise" deal if you consider the amount of savings you'll make on the ship by purchasing and consuming a Bon Voyage bottle of liquor (as price per quantity) compared to the price of individual drinks on board.
  • Fresh lemon and lime you can order from the 24hr room service onboard.
  • If you buy a souvenir glass, you can mix your "Bon Voyage" drinks in it and carry them wherever you want on board.
Liquor (prices don't include tax) old 2013 changed 2014 new alcohol prices per bottle
Appleton Estate VX $65 $75 $85
Appleton White $65
Bacardi (Limon, Oakheart & White) $65 $75 $80
Captain Morgan Spiced $65 $80 $85
Cruzan White $50
Gosling's Black Seal $65 $75 $85
Malibu Coconut $65 $75 $80
Absolut $65 $75 $85
Absolut Citron $65 $75 $85
Belvedere $85 $90 $105
Finlandia $60
Grey Goose $80 $90 $105
Ketel One $80 $85 $100
Skyy $55 $65 $75
Smirnoff $60
Stolichnaya $65 $75 $80
Three Olives $70 $85
Beefeater $55 $65
Bombay Sapphire $70 $80 $90
Sloe Gin $40
Tanqueray $65 $75 $85
1800 Reposado $65 $75 $80
Margaritaville Gold $55
Patron Reposado $95 $105 $115
Patron Silver $90 $100 $105
Sauza Hornitos Reposado $75 $80 $85
Brandy (Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry) $40 $45 $50
Campari Sherry $40 $45
Courvoisier VS $75 $80
Hennessey VS $70 $80 $90
Hennessey VSOP $95 $100 $110
Hennessey Black $75 $85 $95
Peach Schnapps (Hiram Walker) $40 $45 $50
Peppermint Schnapps $40 $45 $50
Pernod $40 $45 $50
Remy Martin VSOP $85 $90
Sherry (Campari, Dry Sack) $40 $45 $50
Amaretto Di Saronno $55 $60 $85
Bailey's $60 $70 $80
Brogans Irish Cream $45
Chambord $70 $85
Cinzano Dry/Sweet Vermouth $40 $45 $50
Cointreau $60 $70 $80
Creme De Banana/Cacao/Menthe Green $40 $45 $50
Drambuie $65 $75 $85
Frangelico $55 $65 $80
Galliano $55
Grand Marnier $65 $75 $85
Jagermeister $70 $75 $85
Kahlua $55 $65 $80
Limoncello $65 $75
Midori $55
Sour Apple Pucker (DeKuyper) $40 $45 $50
Sambuca $55 $65 $75
Southern Comfort $55 $65 $75
Tia Maria $55 $65 $75
Triple Sec $40 $45 $50
Canadian Club $60 $65 $75
Chivas Regal $80 $85 $90
Crown Royal $70 $75 $85
Dewars 12 Year $80 $85 $90
Dewars White Label $65 $75 $85
Seagram's 7 $60 $70 $80
Jameson $65 $75 $85
Cutty Sark $50
Glenmorangie $75 $85 $95
Johnny Walker Black Label $80 $85 $95
Jack Daniel's Black $70 $75
Jim Beam $60 $70 $85
Maker's Mark $75 $80 $90

Bon Voyage Carnival alcohol policy

  • Carnival Bon Voyage alcohol selectionany alcohol purchased through BV/The Fun Shops is delivered to the stateroom (not to your dining table in the MDR).
  • if you buy wine through Bon Voyage, you don't pay corkage fee.
  • there's a limit of max 2 bottles per cabin when ordering liquor (until recently it was 4 btls).
  • in the above list if you don't see something be sure to call/ask.
  • due to Alabama and Texas states alcohol laws Carnival ships departing from Mobile AL and Galveston TX can't deliver alcoholic drinks to your stateroom until the ship is in international waters (delivery may even be delayed until the following day).
  • Integrated with the list of Carnival Bon Voyage/Fun Shop Wine list/prices/packages and the link for the rest of the Carnival cruise alcohol story.

Carnival Bon Voyage beer prices

$27 for a 4-pack Grolsch, Guinness Pub Draught, Boddington's.
$26 for a 4-pack Mike's Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice
$25 for a 4-pack Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, Michelob Ultra, Blue Moon, Budweiser.
$22 for a 4-pack Corona, Corona Light, Heineken, Heineken Light, Stella Artois, Dos Equis, Bass Ale, Molson, Amstel Light, Pilsner Urquell, Becks.
$18 for a 4-pack Buckler Non-Alcoholic beer

Carnival Bon Voyage drink packages - soda, juices/mixers, energy drinks, water prices

$5 per bottle Natural Spring Water (1,5L)
$6 per bottle San Pellegrino Water (Italy, 1L)
$10 for 6-pack Natural Spring Water (0,5L)
$10 for 6-pack Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Caffeine Free Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Tonic Water, Barq's Root Beer, Club Soda, Fanta Orange.
$10 for 4-pack Cranberry/Orange/Grapefruit Juices, and for Bloody Mary Mix.
$12 for a 6-pack Perrier Water (France)
$14 for a 6-pack PowerAde.
$18 for a 4-pack Rock Star Energy Drink (regular, sugar-free, lemon).
$22 for a 4-pack Red Bull and Sugar Free 8.3oz

One good "Carnival cruise water" advice - the Fun Shops water cost is pretty high. Instead, you can buy a gallon (~3,8 L) of distilled water from your cabin steward for US$3. Or use for free the water on the boat - it is perfectly fine for drinking! ;)

Carnival cruise Bon Voyage/Fun Shop gifts

Carnival Bon Voyage gifts

A list of all gifts & packages you can pre-order from the Carnival Bon Voyage/Fun Shop department. Dimensions are in inches. All items are Carnival logo embroidered/etched.

Gifts & Packages Prices (in USD, tax inclusive)

Specialty Gifts

"Cruise Cash" $25 credit to your Sail&Sign account
"Cruise Cash Bar" credit $25 applied toward any bar drinks purchases
"Cruise Cash Photo" $10 applied toward Photo services
"Carnival Towel Creations Book" $14,95 carnival cruise lines towel animals book download (pdf, link to be added soon)

Carnival Bags

"Sports Bag Package" $34,95 blue&grey or blue&white, 18Wx12Hx12D, plus a 29oz Carnival water bottle
"Large Tote Bag" $32,95 white&red, 24Wx14Hx7D, large front pocket.
"Tote Bag" $22,95 blue&grey, 16Wx18L, front zip pocket
"Tote Bag" $15,95 blue, size 20", front slash pocket
Coolers - blue bag, 4 white 16oz stadium cups, 1 blue bottle opener, 2 black koozies, plus:
Bud Light $36,95 4-pack of "Bud Light" beer
Corona $36,95 4-pack "Corona" beer
Coca-Cola $32,95 6-pack "Coca-Cola" cans.
Carnival cruise glass glasses sets worth $24,95/set
  • Cordial Glasses (2x13oz)
  • Wine Glasses (2x10,5oz)
  • Champagne Glasses (2x6,76oz).
"Wine Bottle Koozie" $12,95 black
"Family Beach Package" $39,95 18W top zippered bag, shoulder straps, handles, Paddle Ball game set, Frisbee, facial&body mister, 16" beach ball, visor, deck of playing cards

Carnival cruise photo albums

"Cruise Memories" $32,95 white, 12x12, with 20 top-loading pages
"Album Brown Embossed Words" $24,95 max 20 photos
"Cruise Album" $12,95 red, 4x6.

Bon Voyage "Special Occasions" gifts

(included in some of the Carnival wedding/honeymoon/vow renewal packages)

"Deluxe High Seas Gift Set" $89,95 2 t-shirts (sizes S-2X), 2 matching visors, 2 blue towels, a set Carnival etched champagne flutes, 1 bottle of Korbel Champagne, and 1bar credit ($23) & 1 photo credit ($15) both automatically applied to your S&S account (non refundable).

"Love & Romance" packages:

  • "Prosecco"
  • "Dom Perignon"
  • $62
  • $242
  • 1 bottle of Prosecco Zonin Sparkling Wine, 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with chocolate nuggets and 1 long-stemmed red rose
  • 1 bottle of Dom Perignon, Brut, Epernay, 4 Chocolate Strawberries, chocolate nuggets, 1 long-stemmed red rose.
"Wedding Elegance" $9,95 the "Bride & Groom Wedding Bears" package.

Carnival "Stateroom Decorations" packages

Limited 1 kit per cabin), all including 4 streamers leading off a center ceiling, 4 danglers among the streamers, a 6ft long specialty banner & a 20" table centerpiece.

"Happy Anniversary" $35 for anniversary couples, hanging hearts, anniversary wishes, "Happy Anniversary" banner
"Happy Honeymoon" $35 for honeymoon couples, "Happy Honeymoon" wishes, hanging hearts, "Happy Honeymoon" banner
"Bon Voyage" kit $35 hanging ringers, Bon Voyage wishes, featuring "Bon Voyage" banner
"Congratulations" $35 Congratulation wishes, hanging stars, "Congrats" wishes, "Congratulations" banner
"Happy Birthday" kit $35 hanging stars, Birthday wishes, "Happy Birthday" banner
"Mis Quince" kit $35 for teens, Happy 15th Birthday wishes, "Happy 15th Birthday" banner.

Bon Voyage Fun Wear/Funnel Gear/Apparel

Carnival cruise T-Shirts

(various designs, 100% cotton)

"Men's Nautical" $19 blue
"Ladies License Plate" $19 grey
"Men's Carnival Wave" $19 mustard
"Ladies Carnival Recipe" $19 purple
"Adult" $12 white
"Youth Ship Navy" $12 glow-in-the-dark T-shirt
"Youth Charm Aqua" $12 light-blue
"Ladies Bling Anchor/Visor Set" $34 black
"Youth Navy Hoodie" $16 pull-over, black, sizes S-XL
"Adult Heather Hoodie" $24 grey, pull-over, sizes S-2X.

Carnival Hats

"Nike Baseball Cap" $32,95 unisex, black
"Navy Visor" $14,95 unisex, black.
"Carnival Beach Towel" $19,95 dimensions: 60Lx30W.

Bon Voyage Boys/Girls/Teen package gifts for kids

Boys/girls packages - each includes a (different color) drawstring sports bag (14Wx18H ), 1 bucket with sand toys, CRAYOLA 8-pack crayons, a (different) Activity kids book, 1 pair of (diff color) sunglasses (100% UVA/UVB protection) and an 8" Carnival plush teddy bear.

"Girls" $32,95 pink bag, a Kitty book, pink sunglasses
"Boys" $32,95 blue bag, a Marvel Heroes book, blue sunglasses
"Tween" $32,95 Wayfarer sunglasses (black), 1 water bottle, 1 UNO game, a Games book, 1 deck of playing cards.

Carnival "cruise flowers" - roses, bouquets

What is the price to order/send flowers on Carnival ships - bouquets prices vary (a surcharge in some ports) and varieties/components also may vary by port. All are long-stem roses in a tall glass vase, deluxe bouquets - in a cylinder glass vase).

Deluxe (2dozen) $115 2 dozen red/pink/yellow roses
Classic (2dozen) $95 2 dozen red/pink/yellow roses
Ribbon Tied (1dozen) $75 a dozen red/pink/yellow roses
Classic (1dozen) $65 a dozen red/pink/yellow roses
Half dozen $45 red roses.
"Mixed Flowers" $39 seasonal, in a cylinder glass vase
"Deluxe Mixed" $46 (tall glass vase)
"Tropical" $55 exotic (tall vase)
"Deluxe Tropical" $85 (cylinder glass vase).

Carnival "cruise cakes" - prices of the "Occasions Cakes"

  • Anniversary Cakes
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Honeymoon Cakes
  • Congartulations Cakes
  • Bon Voyage Cakes
  • (6") $10
  • (9") $14
Either vanilla with strawberry filling or chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. A 6-inch cake serves up to 6 people, a 9-inch cake serves up to 10, all in round shapes, "Anniversary" and Honeymoon" are heart shaped. Sugar-free also available on request.

Carnival cruise Chocolate/Fruit & Wine baskets & more "Cherry on Top" offers

"Chocolate Delight" (strawberries) $12,50 4 chocolate-dipped strawberries & assorted chocolate nuggets (contains nuts).
"Chocolate Fun Ship" $13 weight 8oz, solid chocolate.
"Ocean of Sweets" $14 (total weight 1,5lbs, a variety of sweets:) skittles, gourmet jelly beans, gummy bears & chocolate covered raisins.
"Canape Tray" $18 (delivered only upon request, all on white bread) Salmon & cream cheese, grilled Portobello mushrooms & roasted peppers, Chicken Confit & Mango wedge, Duck Confit & bean Cassoulet.
"Freshly Baked Cookies" (4 / dozen) $6 / $16 (baked on board) 4 or 1 dozen in a logoed box, 4 varieties: Chocolate (Chip & Crunch), Macadamia Nut & Honey Raisin.
Cookies - "Jar" & "Trio Box" $9 & $12 quart jar, while the trio has 3bags of chocolate/plane-janes/brownie.
Candies - "Giant Box" & "Ocean of Sweets" $19 & $14 wrapped candies, while the "ocean" (1,5lbs) has skittles/jelly beans/gummy bears/choco raisins.

Bon Voyage Fruit Baskets

Fruit Supreme & Red or White Wine $50 2 apples, 2 pears, 4 oranges, 4 bananas, 3 seasonal fruits, 24oz grapes, 1 pkg dried fruits, 2 pkg smoked almonds, cheeses (4 mini-Gruyers, 2 Bonbel, 2 Rondelle), 6 pkg Carr's table water biscuits, 1 bottle of red/white wine, all packed in a gift basket.
Fruit + Gift $28 2 apples, 2 pears, 4 oranges, 4 bananas, 2 seasonal fruits, 18oz grapes, 1 pkg dried fruits, 1 pkg smoked almonds, cheeses (2 mini-Gruyers, 1 Bonbel, 1 Rondelle) & 4 pkg Carr's table water biscuits (sesame) in a gift basket
"Purely Fruit" $20 (2 of each) apples, pears, oranges, bananas, 2 seasonal fruits, 12oz grapes, 1 pkg dried fruits, 1 pkg smoked almonds, served in a gift basket.

Carnival Bon Voyage department / Fun Shops- information, FAQs

  • Carnival Bon Voyage department programCarnival Formal Night Attire rental services (by the formal dinner dress code rules). All measurements required at ordering time. Tuxedo rentals prices vary by departure port. Vests are available only as part of a tuxedo rental. A cancellation penalty can apply. Passenger report on rent prices from the Formality Shop onboard - pants ($35), jacket ($40).
  • The Bon Voyage liquor, gifts and services cannot be ordered/bought onboard, for more information, assistance and to place an order you'll have to call the store.
  • Carnival cruise Bon Voyage Department phone number is 1-800-522-7648 (from overseas call at 00-1-305-599-2600), their fax is 1-800-764-7106.
  • The Bon Voyage/Fun Shop is open for business from Monday through Friday (9 AM to 6 PM EST) and closed on the following holidays: Memorial, Independence & Labor day, on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day.
  • Bon Voyage/Fun Shop orders are accepted up to 1 week prior to sailing.
  • If an item is not available at sailing time, an item of equal value will be substituted.
  • BV/FS purchases will not show up on your booking info (meant to be a surprise after all). They will send you a conformation e-mail. If you didn't receive the e-mail (sometimes it just happens) - send BV/FS a request for confirmation.
  • And finally, this is the link of our hub for all the Carnival cruise money information.