MS Hamburg accidents and incidents

MS Hamburg cruise ship

Former names
C. Columbus

Length (LOA)
144 m / 472 ft

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CruiseMapper's MS Hamburg cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a 420-passenger vessel owned by Plantours (Small Cruise Lines). Our MS Hamburg accidents page contains reports made by using official data from renown online news media sources, US Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

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  • collision - 2010 (with cargo ship in La Paz Philippines)
  • aground – 2006 (Sault Sainte Marie, St Marys River, Ontario Canada), 2015 (Isle of Mull, Scotland)
  • propulsion/power loss – 2015

Previously, the vessel was operated under the names C Columbus (1997-2012 by Hapag Lloyd Cruises) and MS Hamburg (since 2012 by Plantours).

11 May 2015Ship Grounding

On May 11, 2015, the ship ran aground on charted rocks in the Sound of Mull (Scotland). The accident happened en route to call port Tobermory, near New Rocks buoy and was caused by human error (Navigation Bridge team/officers' weak practices ).

The accident resulted in serious hull and propulsion damages (portside propeller, shaft, rudder). No injuries were reported.

Following the grounding, the vessel was repaired at 2 shipyards - first in Belfast (dive survey was conducted) then in Bremerhaven). The ship was out of service for 3 months for repairs. It re-entered service on August 10, 2015. To continue with the scheduled itineraries (June 9 onwards)), the ship operator Plantours had to charter MS Deutschland.

The June 2016 issued MAIB report (UK's "Marine Accident Investigation Branch") found the crew and the Captain contributed to the vessel's grounding. The Captain was prosecuted for failing the passage plan, as well as for failing to report the accident.

05 May 2015Propulsion / Power Loss

On May 5, 2015, a fishing net tangled in the propeller (propulsion unit) while the vessel was off South East England's coast. The ship was then diverted to Southampton England for inspection.

30 April 2015Propulsion / Power Loss

On April 30, 2015, the ship suffered engine failure caused by an oil leak. The next scheduled cruises were cancelled after the passenger disembarkation in Tanger Morocco.

11 March 2010Ship Collision / Allision

(C Columbus) On March 11, 2010, while manoeuvring for berthing in call port La Paz (Philippines), the operated by Hapag Lloyd Cruises ship collided with the cargo vessel DaeJoo Ace, then hit a steel bar on the docking area.

The collision was due to stronger than anticipated current and winds. The cruise ship's bow was damaged. The 7 pm departure for Hong Kong China was delayed. No injuries were reported.

09 December 2008Pirates / Terrorist Attacks

(C Columbus) On December 9, 2008, due to fear of attacks from Somali pirates, the ship operator Hapag Lloyd Cruises announced that as a precautionary measure, all passengers will be flown over Gulf of Aden (Arabian Sea) instead of passing through the pirate-infested waters.

All the 246 passengers plus most crews were disembarked in port  Aden (Yemen). From Yemen, they were flown to Dubai UAE and continued into the itinerary.

The ship was on World Cruise (departure Nov 28, from Genoa Italy). The scheduled call at Dubai was on December 17. Awaiting the ship, in Dubai, all passengers were accommodated in a 5-star hotel for 3 days until the ship arrived in port.

25 September 2006Ship Grounding

(C Columbus) On September 25, 2006, while manoeuvring in call port Sault Sainte Marie (Ontario Canada), the vessel scraped St Marys River's bottom, sustaining no damage.  The next scheduled port calls (Oct 5 and Oct 16) were cancelled.

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