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Length (LOA)
214 m / 702 ft

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  • fire - 2009
  • ship collision - 2004 (with Moby Freedom ferry in Olbia, Sardinia Island), 2019 (with Cruise Olbia ferry in Olbia Sardinia)

24 January 2019Ship Collision / Allision

On January 24, 2019, at ~12-noon, while leaving homeport Olbia (Sardinia Island, Italy), due to strong winds Grimaldi Line's Cruise Olbia ferry accidentally hit Tirrenia Athara (contacted ship's bridge wing), which at the time of the collision was berthed. No injuries were recorded.

29 January 2009Fire Accident

On 29 January 2009, the ship had just left Port Genoa (en-route to Olbia Sardinia) when at ~9.30 pm a fire broke out. The ferry was carrying a total of 124 passengers, 49 crew and 40 vehicles.

The ship reported thick smoke from the garage decks, but without visible flames. It anchored approx 10 km from Genova Airport, where was assisted by firefighters and Italian coast guard boats, then towed to port. At ~11.30 pm, the ship was moored at the quay. The cause for the fire was combustion in a motor vehicle.

03 January 2004Ship Collision / Allision

On January 3, 2004, while maneuvering for docking in Port Olbia (Sardinia Island), the ship hit the stern of the moored at Pier 4 cruise ferry Moby Freedom (now MS Finlandia). The damages amounted to EUR 300,000. According to the accident investigation, the collision was due to human error as the Tirrenia ship didn't request tugboat assistance. No injuries and vehicle damages were reported.

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