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Viking Cinderella ferry cabins and suites review at CruiseMapper provides detailed information on cruise accommodations, including floor plans, photos, room types and categories, cabin sizes, furniture details and included by VIKING LINE (Ferries) en-suite amenities and services.

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Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:540 ft2 / 50 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):9, 10
Type (categories):(S) Bow Suite

All Suites are located forward on decks 9 and 10. Each of these outside staterooms has large slanted windows and features separate living room with convertible sofabed (for 2 children under 18), dining table, writing desk with chair. The separate bedroom has window and double bed (width 160 cm) with extra thick mattress. There is also a coffee machine and fridge (complimentary mini-bar drinks, fruits).

Premium Cabins

Max passengers:2 (LXB), 4 (LXA)
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:LXA (310 ft2 / 29 m2), LXB (140 ft2 / 13 m2)
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):LXA (9, 10), LXB (11)
Type (categories):(LXA) Seaside Premium Large, (LXB) Seaside Premium Promenade
  • (LXA Large) bow location, with slanted window, fixed double bed, convertible sofabed (for 1 adult or 2 kids under 12), refrigerator
  • (LXB Promenade) large window, fixed double bed, refrigerator

Seaside Cabins

Max passengers:2 (A2, AD2), 3 (HA3), 4 (A4, A4R)
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:100 ft2 / 9 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):AD2 (9), A2 (7, 9, 10), A4 (6), A4R (5)
Type (categories):(AD2) Comfort, (A2, A4) Standard, (A4R) Allergy / plus Premium LXA-LXB and Handicap HA3

These are outside cabins with:

  • (AD2 Comfort) double bed (width 140 cm)
  • (A2 Standard) 2 lower beds (Pullman and pull-out coach)
  • (A4) 2 lower beds (1 bunk, 1 pull-out coach) plus 2 upper bunk beds
  • (A4R Allergy) 2 lower beds (Pullman and pull-out coach) and 2 upper bunk beds, laminate flooring, furniture is made of non-allergic materials

Inside Cabins

Max passengers:2 (B2, BD2), 3 (HA3), 4 (C4, B4, B4R)
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:100 ft2 / 9 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):B2 (10), BD2 (9), B4 (5, 6, 7), B4R (5), C4 (2)
Type (categories):(BD2) Comfort, (B2, B4) Standard, (B4R) Allergy, (C4) Economy, (HB3) Handicap, (C2P) Piccolo

These are interior cabins with:

  • (BD2 Comfort) double bed (140 cm), no extra bed
  • (B2 Standard) 2 beds (1 lower bunk, 1 pull-out coach)
  • (B4 Standard) 2 lower beds (bunk and pull-out coach) plus 2 upper bunk beds
  • (B4R Allergy) 2 lower beds (1 bunk, 1 pull-out coach), 2 upper bunk beds, laminate flooring, furniture is made of non-allergic materials
  • (C4 Economy) 4 bunk beds (2 lower, 2 upper)

Piccolo Single Cabin

Max passengers:2
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:85 ft2 / 8 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):2
Type (categories):(C2P) Economy Piccolo

These "Truck Cabins" are interior staterooms located below car deck. Each has 2 bunk beds - lower and upper. These staterooms can be booked as single cabins (no single supplement is required) - the upper Pullman bed is used as extra bed.

Wheelchair-Accessible Handicap Cabins

Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:195 ft2 / 18 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):5
Type (categories):(HB3) Seaside Handicap, (HB3) Inside Handicap

Each of the handicap staterooms features: wider doors and turning spaces, lowered vanity table, amplified phone, captioned TV, wider bathroom (roll-in shower, fold-down shower stool or chair, lower sink, hand-held shower head), 3 beds (1 lower / fixed plus 2 bunks / lower and upper). All handicap cabins are conveniently located near the ship’s elevators.

Viking Cinderella ferry cabins review

The cruise ferry Viking Cinderella has a total of 2500 berths. All staterooms are air-conditioned and with en-suite bathrooms (WC, shower, washbasin), flat TV, radio, phone. Suites and Premium cabins additionally offer hairdryer, refrigerator, double bed, double sofabed. The ferry company provides bed linens, towels, and toiletries. Some staterooms are wheelchair-accessible (adapted for disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility). Allergy Cabins are with furniture made of non-allergic materials.

  • Staff and crew cabins are located on decks 5 and 10.
  • Cabins can't be shared - if 2 passengers are booked in a 4-bed cabin, they can't share the remaining 2 free beds with other travelers.
  • Family cabins are fitted with 6 beds (2 plus 4).
  • Standard cabin door width is 64 cm. Suite and handicap cabin's door width is 89 cm.
  • On overnight crossings, for Suite cabins (excluding Mini-Suites) Breakfast is included in the ferry ticket price. Breakfast (included for both adults and children) can be delivered via room service (in-cabin dining) or at the onboard restaurants. For en-suite dining must be filled out a room service order form and submitted to the Reception (info desk) the evening before. For restaurant dining, Suite passengers must show their cabin key in the venue.

Seaside (oceanview) cabins are with large windows, Inside and Economy-class cabins are without windows. Economy cabins are located on lower decks. Suites and Premium cabins are larger and better equipped. Only Budget cabins lack private bathrooms.

Suites and Seaside Premium staterooms offer additional / bonus amenities and services, including free Wi-Fi, exclusive VIP lounge access, early check-in and early boarding (excluding passengers with car parking) in Stockholm. VIP lounge's amenities include complimentary coffee, tea, bottled water, newspapers, flat TV (satellite reception).

All cabins are non-smoking and in-cabin alcohol consumption is forbidden. Cabin cleaning and sheets changing are done before port arrival. Staterooms are available during the entire crossing (also during cleaning).

Cot beds (for toddlers up to 1 year of age and weight under 10 kg) are also available, as well as bed rails for kids - provided complimentary upon request.

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