American West deck 4 plan

Deck layout and review

Review of American West deck 4

Top Deck 4 layout shows only three cruise Suite cabins – two Owner Suites (OS-forward, #401-402) and one Single balcony room (category SB, located right next to the boat’s Wheelhouse.

The ship's Navigation Bridge is called “Wheelhouse” on riverboats (some may call it “pilot house” as well). The Bridge is passenger-accessible, and the boat is equipped with the latest technology navigation and safety systems.

The Calliope Lounge offers fast food help-yourself dining choices for Breakfast (cereals, rolls) and Lunch (burgers, hot dogs) available at the Calliope Bar & Grill. There is a 24-hour available complimentary drink station for coffee/cappuccino and juice. This is also the ship’s open-air smoking venue. During the winter months, the place is protected by vinyl siding, and heat lamps are provided. This is the place where passengers can enjoy the boat’s calliope music (an old-design instrument producing sounds through large whistles, using compressed air).

An open-air Promenade encircles the top deck, making it perfect for strolling and observation. The seating area has numerous chairs and comfortable loungers for relaxation and enjoying the Columbia-Snake river cruise scenery views. The Queen of the West riverboat has on its top deck chairs for all its passengers, including the America Cruise Line’s signature rocking chairs.

The Calliope Bar & Grill also serves the area throughout the day with drinks, light snacks, and fresh pastries.