Canadian Empress deck 2 plan (Ottawa-Cabins-Dining-Lounge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Canadian Empress deck 2 (Ottawa-Cabins-Dining-Lounge)

The Grand Saloon (capacity 78 seats) serves as Show Lounge, Dining Room, Bar Lounge/Pub, Reading Room/Library, Game Room.

The Grand Saloon also serves the cruise company's daily enrichment program (port talks, current itinerary-related lectures, trivia games, jigsaw puzzles, classes) as well as the nightly live entertainment programming (classic music and folk band performances, dancing, sing-a-longs, stand-up comedy acts).

Grand Salon's Dining Room meals are all open-seating and waiter-served (breakfasts, lunches and dinners). Breakfast (7-9 am) includes a hot dish (including eggs, pancaces, bouillon), cereals, muffins. Lunch (at 12:30 noon) includes a hot entree, salad, dessert and fruits. Dinner (at 6:30 pm) includes a starter, a meat or fish dish, dessert. When the ship is booked at full capacity, the restaurant operates with two dinner sittings - at 5:30 pm and at 7:15 pm.

The food is always fresh-made, using locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

From the indoor Grand Saloon are accessed two outdoor relaxation areas/observation decks with seating (wicker chairs) - Forward and Aft.

Midship-portside is the Galley (kitchen and storage rooms).

Ottawa Deck cabins from 27 to 35, all of which are outside staterooms in category Ottawa.