Northern Adventure ferry deck 5 plan (Cabins-Lobby)

Deck layout and review

Review of Northern Adventure ferry deck 5 (Cabins-Lobby)

Passenger Staterooms - on Deck 5 are located all 4-berth Outside Cabins (Quads), as well as Quad Inside Cabins (no window views). Outside cabins are with one large round-shaped window (non-opening).

Each stateroom is fitted with toilet, shower, washbasin, 2 lower beds (twins / non-convertible to double bed) and wall-mounted bunk beds.

For foot passengers, on Deck 5 are available coin-operated showers and pillow / blanket rentals.

All passenger cabins are equipped with life jackets. Additional life vests are stowed in marked lockers on decks 6 and 7.

Cabins can be booked onboard by checking in with the Chief Steward's Office (midship-aft).

The aft-located Reception Desk (Purser's Square) provides passengers with 24-hour assistance, cabin booking, purser services, information on British Columbia tourist and leisure destinations, as well as info on all onboard amenities and services.

First Aid Room (Doctor's Office, midship-aft)

Public Washrooms

Elevators (passenger lifts) accessing all decks

Evacuation Assembly Stations, Marine Evacuation Slides, Life rafts - the ship is equipped with 6 life rafts (canister-type, capacity 100 persons each) plus 3 lifeboats (capacity 60 persons each) located on decks 5, 6 and 7. There are also 2 rescue boats on Deck 7 (capacity 6 person each) and 2 safety slides (on the deckplan legend marked as "Marine Evacuation Slide") which are used for emergency passenger evacuation.