Viking Gabriella ferry deck 6 plan (Spa-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Viking Gabriella ferry deck 6 (Spa-Cabins)

Cruise cabins are in categories

  • (Anchor Deck 2) C4 (Economy)
  • (Bell Deck 5) A4 (Seaside Standard), A4R (Seaside Standard Allergy), B4 (Inside Standard), B2P (Inside Piccolo), HA3 (Seaside Handicap), HB3 (Inside Handicap)
  • (Sextant Deck 6) B4L (Inside Large), B2L (Inside Large), A4 (Seaside Standard), B4 (Inside Standard)

On Deck 6 is also located the ship's Spa (Steam Sauna, Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs, separate kids pool).

The engine room is on Deck 1. Garage decks (for cars, buses, trucks) are decks 3-4-5.

Car Deck 4 has a hydraulic platform that when lowered divides it in two (on 2 layers) to double the space for passenger vehicles.