Viking Grace ferry deck 8 plan (Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Viking Grace ferry deck 8 (Cabins)

Cruise cabins are in categories:

  • (Deck 5) S4 (Seaside 4), I4 (Inside 4), IP2 (Inside Piccolo 2), Driver
  • (Deck 6) SD2 (Seaside Double), ID2 (Inside Double), S4 (Seaside 4, I4 (Inside 4), IH4 (Inside HC 4), DH4 (Double HC 4), SH4 (Seaside HC 4), SF6 (Seaside Family 6), IF6 (Inside Family 6)
  • (Deck 7) SU3 (Suite Ocean), SU4 (Suite Flow), SD2 (Seaside Double), ID3 (Inside Double 3), S4 (Seaside 4), I4 (Inside 4), I2 (Inside 2), IH4 (Inside HC 4), S4R (Seaside 4 R / Allergy), I4R (Inside 4 R / Allergy), PRM (Premium)

Garage decks (for cars, buses, trucks) are decks 3-4-5. Car Deck 4 has a hydraulic platform that when lowered divides it in two (on 2 layers) to double the space for passenger vehicles.

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