Carnival Corporation implements significant price increases on services/offerings onboard its cruise ships

   May 9, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The world's largest cruise shipowner Carnival Corporation implemented significant price increases on several types of services/offerings onboard its cruises.

The price surge comes as costs of fuel and essential commodities have increased and as Carnival and other cruise ship operators continue to work to relaunch operations following shutdowns related to the COVID crisis.

The price increases affect onboard gratuities, specialty dining, WiFi, and related services.

Carnival increased prices for a number of onboard services and gratuities as of May 1.

Costs associated with beverage programs, specialty dining, gratuities, and onboard WiFi have all increased, in some cases by up to 25%.

  • Carnival's CHEERS! beverage package features up to 15 alcoholic/unlimited non-alcoholic drinks per day for a flat daily fee. The package price increased by US$8, or just over 15%, to US$59.95 (plus an additional 18% service charge) per passenger per day as of May 1. The price of Carnival's Bottomless Bubbles unlimited non-alcoholic beverage package has also been increased.
  • Gratuities charges have increased to US$14.50 or US$16.50 per passenger per day, depending on the type of accommodation. 
  • Specialty dining charges increased on May 1 at a rate of 8% to 24% per guest, depending on the restaurant service. Some WiFi charges have increased by 8% to 25%, depending on the level of service.

A sharp increase in onboard prices may further deter clients who are already hesitant to get back to cruising.