American Queen Voyages/AQV is the first cruise line with fleetwide SpaceX Starlink Internet

   February 10, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

AQV-American Queen Voyages announced SpaceX Starlink upgrades to its entire fleet of 7, including the award-winning lines Rivers, Lakes & Oceans, and Expedition ships.

AQV is the first line with an entire cruise fleet to be fully upgraded with the fastest internet, such as Starlink antennas/5G cellular back-up.

Cindy D’Aoust (AQV's President) said upgrading their included Wi-Fi to Space X’s Starlink would enhance the passenger and crew experience on all of their vessels. The new internet service would now "allow guests to stay connected while deeply discovering North America, enjoying the comforts of at-home Wi-Fi at sea.”

Starlink is to be installed, tested, and ready to use on all AQV boats before they start sailing in 2023. American CountessAmerican Queen, and Ocean Navigator have undergone Starlink installation, and the technology is ready for their crew and passengers. Each vessel will boast multiple maritime Starlink equipment providing significant bandwidth in partnership with FMC Global Sat 5G solution. The service will be price-inclusive on AQV's luxurious offerings.

According to Emmanuel Cotrel (FMC's CEO), the company's innovative solutions integrated with Starlink’s connectivity enabled applications and services that required low latency and significant Mbps of bandwidth, which had been, until currently, considered unrealistic/cost prohibitive. He added they were pleased to help provide American Queen Voyage passengers and crew members "with best-in-class internet connectivity wherever they travel."

American Queen cruise ship

SpaceX’s Starlink provides internet access & coverage on a global scale. It is the fastest and most powerful internet service and allows cruise lines and their guests to enjoy reliable Wi-Fi wherever they sail. The Wi-Fi capabilities also enhance the crew experience, allowing for fast communication and the ability to stay in touch with family and friends.