DCL-Disney opens Lighthouse Point (Eleuthera Bahamas) to cruise tourists in summer 2024

   March 10, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

In summer 2024, DCL-Disney Cruise Line will invite guests to experience a unique island destination at Lighthouse Point, located on Eleuthera Island /The Bahamas.

This vibrant retreat was created in collaboration with local artists and advisors, and is a celebration of Bahamian culture in a setting that embodies the quality and service of a Disney vacation.

New details about Lighthouse Point reveal a relaxing beach escape designed to appeal to families, with a bright and energetic style inspired by the natural beauty of The Bahamas and its local artists. Distinctive, curvilinear buildings, including those with references to local folklore, will be scattered along the shoreline.

In addition, the destination has been designed with an emphasis on conservation, incorporating an onsite solar array to meet 90% of its electricity needs, a pier designed to avoid dredging, and elevated walkways to help limit the impact on the landscape.

On Lighthouse Point, guests can enjoy a fun-filled day of activities, from relaxing on pristine beaches to embarking on active adventures. Favorite Disney characters will make appearances to help tell the stories of Bahamian culture and folklore. The expansive family beach on the east side of the island is centrally located near a variety of amenities for all ages, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable day of fun.