Electric boat manufacturer Candela secures $20M investment to put P-12 Shuttle 'flying ferry' into mass production

   March 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela secured a major GBP16 million (US$20 million) investment that will allow it to put the electric P-12 Shuttle 'flying ferry' into mass production.

The company introduced the hydrofoil transporter in summer 2022 and has received backing from a group led by EQT Ventures/investors Joel Eklund & Svante Nilo Bengtsson. The money is to be used to develop production facilities at Candela base in Stockholm.

According to Candela, the 30-seat P-12 Shuttle would “reduce emissions and slash commuting times". It is also way more fun than sitting on the bus/a tube train.

Candela claims the P-12 Shuttle would be the “world’s fastest, longest range, most energy-efficient” electric vessel ever constructed. It has been tested shuttling travelers between the Stockholm superb of Ekero and the centre of the city. 

The ferry has a top speed of 30 knots. It can be charged at up to 200 kW, enabling it to charge the 180 kW battery in under 1 hour. The P-12 Shuttle has a 40-60 NM (74-111 km) range at a service speed of 25 knots (46 km/h).

Due to 3 carbon fibre wings that extend out of the boat's hull, the vessel is able to lift itself above the water thus decreasing drag. 

P-12 is said to reduce energy per passenger per km by 95%, with Candela confident it will be more efficient than a hybrid electric bus.