GPH-Global Ports Holding signs 30-year concession for St Lucia's cruise operations

   August 13, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Global Ports Holding (GPH) has entered into a 30-year agreement, with the potential for a 10-year extension, in collaboration with the government of Saint Lucia to oversee cruise-related operations within the region.

This significant pact underscores GPH's strategic ambitions in the Caribbean and represents a notable progression for the world's largest independent cruise port operator.

Under this concession deal, GPH will leverage its global expertise and operational framework to effectively manage cruise port activities in Saint Lucia, coupled with substantial investments to enhance and expand the existing cruise port facilities.

The investment will primarily involve the expansion of the berth at Point Seraphine (Castries), enabling the handling of even the largest vessels in the global cruise fleet and ultimately amplifying the port's capacity.

Additionally, GPH is committed to making substantial upland development improvements at Soufriere Bay, which includes the establishment of a new amphitheater.

In the period up to March 31, Saint Lucia saw 590,000 passengers, a decrease from the 709,000 recorded in 2019. However, with the anticipated completion of the extended pier and the upgraded amenities, GPH envisions a substantial increase in passenger volumes over the medium term, surpassing 1 million.